Kaiser Georg Wilhelm II
Dundorfischer Kaiser,
von Gottes Gnaden,
Kronprinz von Dundorf, Fürst von Oderveld,
Erzherzog von Bergengruber, Großherzog von Dunburg, Herzog von Hohenstauffen
Kaiser Georg Wilhelm II
Date of Birth 23 March 2735
Date of Death -
Reign 5 May 2765 – 2 November 2775
Predecessor Monarchy Reestablished
Successor Incumbent
Consort HIM Dundorfischer Kaiserin Ulla Maria von Büren-Raspes-Hohenstauffen
Issue HIM Dundorfischer Kaiser
Imperial Dynasty Haus von Hohenstauffen

Kaiser Georg Wilhelm II is the current monarch of the Dundorfisches Kaiserreich. He ascended to the throne at age 30, becoming the fourth youngest monarch in Dundorfian history. His selection to the throne was long in coming as the last Hohenstauffen kaiser was nearly 800 years before. The throne was originally to go to Georg Wilhelm's uncle Graf Ludwig Otto XII who turned the it down in favor of his nephew. Kaiser Georg Wilhelm is considered by insiders to be good-natured, amiable, and generally likeable. However, in public he often appears quiet, reserved, and somewhat uncomfortable.

Early LifeEdit

father rather cold and disciplined, no nonsense man; died of prostate cancer in 2753

uncle Ludwig Otto, helped him through and became mentor

quiet youth, bookish

gained acceptance through sports

raised in family home in wealthy Kreusi neighborhood of Bergengruber


- attended elite Franz-Wagener-Gymnasium; took and passed Allgemeine Hochschulreife to earn Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife

- attended prestiguous Augustus I-Universität der Bundeswehr Oderveld to earn Bakkalaureus in Business; and entered Bundeswehr as Leutnant (Second Lieutenant) in 2755.

Military ServiceEdit

Georg Wilhelm in Uniform

Georg Wilhelm as Hauptmann (Captain) in the Bundeswehr.

- served two years

- rose to the rank of Hauptmann (Captain)

- resigned commission in protest of biases against right-wing officers and enlisted men by socialist Kommunistische Volkspartei

Adult LifeEdit

After service, returned to Burg Falkenstein

gained employment with telecommunications firm; eventually spread stock portfolio

stock portfolio included VG Bergengruber shares; eventually dropped everything and invested majority share in VG Bergengruber and became part-time owner


- athletic

- introverted

- quietly-confident

- will drop everything to watch or discuss fußball; procrastinates if game is on; instantly comes alive upon speaking of game

- hardworker, believes in active monarch, Kaiser-Statesmen; conflicts with monarchist views of role


Family LifeEdit


- met Ulla Maria when she was working for the VG Bergengruber as a barrister's assistant looking over his purchase of part of the team

- Pop! pre-Kaiser interview said "I am uncertain how I appealed to [Ulla Maria] but somehow I did. She was the one who approached me for dinner, not the other way around. Her boldness, self-confidence and beauty drew me in and that evening I instantly knew that she was the one for me. She is certainly the most assertive partner of the relationship, but of course this is not to imply that I do am unwilling or unable to hold my own."

- married on Van Tassel Day (1 March) 2761 at National Church; quiet Reformed Church wedding

Kaiserin Ulla Maria von Büren-Raspes-HohenstauffenEdit

Kaiserin Ulla Maria

Kaiserin Ulla Maria.

- Ulla Maria is product of the fallen nobles of the Haus von Büren and the wealthy former-noble industrialist family Haus von Raspes.

- earned degree (Bakkalaureus) in pre-law; went on to take and pass first Staatsexamen and eventually (when 32 years old) took the second test and became a Jurist (Volljurist) working as a panel barrister (Rechtsanwalt) for several major Dundorfian companies.

- pop culture magazine Pop! named her Dundorf's most beautiful person


- Clara Gertrude Maria born 18 November 2770; not eligible for throne because she is female, and line of succession follows the male line

Political CareerEdit

- not overly political, joined several smaller local parties; city councillor in Bergengruber

Early Political CareerEdit

- Won seat in Oderveld Landtag from a Bergengruber Stadtkreise for the Christlich-Soziale Union (BdA); local Oderveld Christian democratic party.

Ascension to the ThroneEdit

crown offered to uncle, but turned down for nephew;

"Kaiser without the Crown"Edit

Royal Duties and ReignEdit

The Kaiser and the ReichstagEdit

Personal InterestsEdit

- partial owner, lifelong fan of VG Bergengruber

Preceded by
Henry VII
King of England
22 April 1509 – 28 January 1547
Succeeded by
Edward VI

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