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Ghigau I cabinet
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First cabinet of Ghigau
Date formedSeptember 4947
Date dissolvedApril 4953
People and organisations
PresidentMinerva Spinner
No. of ministers13
Member partiesUnity, NLC + Dem
Status in legislatureMinority Government
Opposition partiesTBS, DCP M&F, PRP, CLP
Election(s)November 4946
November 4949
Outgoing electionNovember 4952
PredecessorMoore I
SuccessorHudson I

The First cabinet of Ghigau was the government of Likatonia from 4947 to 4953. The cabinet is composed of Popular Unity, the Native Likatonian Confederacy and was supported by the Democratic Party. The Presidential Office was held by Minerva Spinner from Popular Unity. The Chancellorship was held by Ghigau from the NLC. This was also the first cabinet to formally have a vice chancellor role. It was held by Eric Jones from Popular Unity.


After 4946 election[]
59 / 150
After 4949 election[]
51 / 150
After 4952 election[]
52 / 150


Only 4 Acts passed under this cabinet even though numerous bills were proposed. One of these bills brought back controls on the economy back into the national government. Now the national legislature controls the central bank, forces trade unions and employees to negotate hours and force trade union membership. This bill passed with only the NLC and Democrats voting in favour and the CLP and PRP voting against. National highways were brought back into national control. This was proposed by the NLC and saw the support of the NLC, Unity, TBS and PRP. The Democrats also proposed another left wing economy bill which encoraged Democratic Workers Councils and profit Sharing along with removing critical workers with the right to strike and forcing a majority of people voting to vote if a union should go on strike.

Finally the CLP managed to get their Liberties Act passed. This removed gun control laws, allows torture to be used if evidence was vitally needed and devolved controversial topics such as crossdressing and incest to local governments. Surprisingly both the Democrats and NLC voted in favour of this bill, along with M&F and the CLP. The only party to vote against the bill was Unity.

After the 4949 election talks to replace the cabinet began. First a Unity-Dem-NLC government was proposed but this was regected by the NLC as they wanted to keep the role of chancellor even though they were the smallest party. Following this the M&F proposed a Dem-DCP-CLP-NLC government but this was rejected but the Democrats and the DCP for being unfair as the NLC still kept the role fo chancellor and confusing as there was a moderate left majority but right wing parties were let into government. This meant that the Democrats were left out of power after the 4949 election but they still supported the NLC led cabinet.

The Chancellor Ghigau is a High Chieftain from Norwalk. He created the NLC political party and the Native Likatonian Confederacy, a union of 15 Likatonian tribes and clans from across Likatonia.


Office Occupant Party Years
President of Likatonia Minerva Spinner Popular Unity September 4947 - April 4953
Position Minister Party
Chancellor Ghigau Native Likatonian Confederacy
Ministry of Foreign


Katia Wilson Popular Unity
Ministry of Internal

Vice Chancellor

Eric Jones Popular Unity
Ministry of Finance Immookalee Native Likatonian Confederacy
Ministry of Defence Nick Evans Popular Unity
Ministry of Justice Yiska Native Likatonian Confederacy
Ministry of Infrastructure 

and Transport

Helen Harris Popular Unity
Ministry of Health 

and Social Services

Maria Roberts Popular Unity
Ministry of Education

and Culture

Justin Robinson Popular Unity
Ministry of Science 

and Technology

Hunter Lewis Popular Unity
Ministry of Food

and Agriculture

Ooljee Native Likatonian Confederacy
Ministry of Environment

and Tourism

Leotie Native Likatonian Confederacy
Ministry of Trade 

and Industry

Naalyehe ya sidahi Native Likatonian Confederacy