Gildas Kilian I
Divine King of Cildania
King Gildas.jpg
Augustan-style portrait of King Gildas at the Saint Alexandra Cathedral in Mort Iskendra
ReignJune 11th, 1827 - Feburary 2nd, 1868
CoronationJune 11th, 1827
PredecessorAdonibaal IV
SuccessorMazarand II
BornOctober 5th, 1798
DiedMarch 22nd, 1868
SpouseLady Scathniamh of Velieres
  • King Mazarand I
  • Prince Elias Kilian
  • Prince Azrubaal Kilian
Princely dynastyHouse of Kilian
ReligionDepartment of Cildania (ER)

Gildas Kilian (Qildari: גלדס כלן) was an Aqildarian Prince who became the first ruler of the Divine Kingdom of Cildania and left as his legacy the single united nation of Cildania.

Gildas Kilian was born on October 5th 1798 to Prince Adonibaal IV of Aqildar, Prince of Qildar and Protector of the Free Cities and his consort Lady Sosara of Zabeh.

As Crown Prince he was educated first by private tutors, among which famous Cildanian philospher Iwanis Fuslye and victorious commander of the Bryncas War, General Anysus Zidyiar can be counted and then attented St. Origen University for five years before taking a senior position in the Aqildarian Army and serving as his father's representive on the Council of Princes and eventually Regent during his father's final years.

In his 29th year he ascended to the throne of the Principality of Aqildar becoming Prince Gildas VII of Aqildar, Prince of Qildar and Protector of the Free Cities.

Starting in the 1830s a series of border conflicts broke out between the Principalities of Kinaʿn and Yilrit showing the inability of the Council of Princes to maintain order and this weakness lead to the conquests of a number of Free Cities and independent bishropics and baronies by the northern and western princes. The Council and Patriarch were only able to restore order and resolve the conflicts within Cildania through the support and strength of the Aqildarian Army and the leadership of Prince Gildas.

In 1847 citing the 'failure' of the Council of Princes, with the support of the nearly appointed Qildar born Patriarch Joseph VII, the Free Cities Councillor, the Prince of Gilzon and the Princes of Kinaʿn and Yilrit, he dissolved the Council of Princes and established the Divine Kingdom of Cildania.

Prince Jugurtha II of Aheblun, refuting the legality of the Kingdom and the legitimacy of the new Patriarch withdrew from the Council of Princes and reaffirmed Hebilean sovereignty and after being excommunicated broke from the Department declaring himself Patriarch-Prince of Aheblun giving Gildas just cause to invade the Principality starting off the War of Unification which was to last until 1878 when his son Mazandarand I oversaw the final rout and the execution Jugurtha II in the fifth battle of Mort Iskendra.

Gildas I died in his sleep on March the 22nd 1868 after months of infirmity at the age of 70 at his country residence in the Mekir Valley.

Though he never lived to see the capture of Mort Iskendra the largest statue of King Gildas I sits atop the walls of the Fort at Dacre Hill over looking the city.

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