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Gime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby
The Universal Symbol for Tarquinism
Qehet Mode Extramandurus
"To be a rock, and not to roll."
Gime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby Tower , Ṡiddiqa; Gime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby Tower, Dextruma
Youth wing
Young Right-Wingers
Student wing
The New Right
Over 3 Million
Nationalism, Anti-Anarchism, Monarchism, Capitalism, Sarmartaeism, Invictusism, Tarquinism
Political position
Centre-Left to Far Right
International affiliation
International Monarchist League, World Capitalist Alliance, Conservative Union
Purple, Pink, Black
Seats in Parliament
0 / 750
0 / 10,000
Regional Governmental Staff
0 / 50
Politics of Cildania
Political Parties of Cildania
Elections of Cildania

The Gime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby was a temporary right wing party that operated in Cildania / Qildaria for several years. They are currently in government, never having placed lower than first in election votes or seats. They have so far always been quite successful

History[edit | edit source]

The Gime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby began in 3977, under the leadership of Qehet Mode Extemandurus. After the dissolution of the Factio Tri-Dextrum, the party moved to Cildania (also known as Qildaria). The former politicians of the FT-D either remained as prominent political commentators and speakers or moved to the Qildarian Branch. After battling independents and then a more organized independent group, the party remained in power for 6 years until another election.

In 3979, it was revealed the party was only temporary, and would last until February 3989. The S-QQ would then return to Selucia. Lukii 'Abd Liborius resigned in 3979 in order to give "the youth a chance to grow". Rimona Khan later announced her resignation as the party returned to Selucia early, in 3980.

Qehet Mode Extremandurus is often considered one of the most influential figures in the transition form Cildania to Qildaria that was led by the G-SS. She later took up a role in the mothership Factio Tri-Dextrum party.

Leaders & Chairpersons[edit | edit source]

Qehet Mode Extremandurus (3977 - Current)

- Lukii ʿAbd Liborius (3977 - 3989)

- Rimona Rian Khan (3979 - 3980)

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