Ginetti's Cabinet
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68th Cabinet of the Istalian Empire
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Date formedFebruary 4870
Date dissolvedJune 4877
People and organisations
EmperorTommaso II
Prime MinisterLaura Ginetti
Deputy Prime MinisterDaniele Mancini
Member partiesFCN, PNI
Status in legislatureCoalition Government
Opposition partiesS&D, SE, LA, ND, PND
Election(s)December 4869

Ginetti's Cabinet was a Government of the Istalian Empire led by Prime Minister Laura Ginetti.

The Ginetti's Cabinet met a strong opposition from the opposition and the civil society. The Eco_left joined along with the CISE (Istalian Confederation of Ecosocial Unions) and the Socialists & Democrats the General Strike on September 28 4870, against new laws that abolished many trade unions' rights and made strikes more difficult, while also introducing a flat tax system. This event gave the start of a prolonged period of civil unrest (mainly between 4870 and 4871) On 8 March 4871 women and allies joined the Women's Strike, the biggest in Istalian history, against new reforms which would have completely banned abortion in some regions as well as implementing a total national ban on abortion and cuts on abortion and gender confirmation surgeries for low-income citizens, made by a government in which 9 out of 13 ministries were led by men. On 8 September 4871 also the National Democratic Party, the Alliance and Nuova Democrazia joind with the Eco-left and the Socialists & Democrats the Workers' Strikes after new laws against foreign workers and their rights were proposed, considered "fascist" by Patrizio Venturi of the National Demoratic Party. In late August 4871 Romula and other major cities saw a week of uprisings with concerned citizens' direct actions and school strikes against the decision of the Government to withdraw the declaration of Climate and Ecological Emergency, in order to cancel all mandatory pollution and emission standards in industry.

After the elections of 1973 the PNI-FCN Coalition lost the majority, but tensions between the former opposition made it impossible for the Eco-left to form a government under Alice Diallo's presidency. During these years the National Assembly could restore the Declaration of Climate ed Ecological Emergency, as well as some rights that were previously abolished, but immigration and ecology reforms advanced by the Eco-Left couldn't be passed. Laura Ginetti and her cabinet resigned before the end of the legislature as a sign of protest against the new majority.

Despite the many reforms that where made to boost the economy, the prolonged strikes made the prospected economic growth unpossible

Composition[edit | edit source]

Ministry Occupant Party
Office of the Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State Laura Ginetti Istalian National Party
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Daniele Mancini National Conservative Forum
Ministry of Internal Affairs Bruno Brundini Istalian National Party
Ministry of Finance Sano Lagani Istalian National Party
Ministry of Defence Cirino Giovinco Istalian Conservative Forum
Ministry of Justice Maria Fanuchi Istalian National Party
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Gennaro Mazzi National Conservative Forum
Ministry of Health and Social Services Hannah Nigora Istalian National Party
Ministry of Education and Culture Salvatore Palerno National Conservative Forum
Ministry of Science and Technology Ficco Chadarno Istalian National Party
Ministry of Food and Agriculture Ludovico Campagna National Conservative Forum
Ministry of Environment and Tourism Bianca Faugno National Conservative Forum
Ministry of Trade and Industry Eduardo Pontavi Istalian National Party
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