God save the King

God save the King


God Save the King/Queen is the official imperial anthem of the Empire of Zardugal.

It is God Save the King if the reigning monarch and sovereign is male, however, if the re monarch and sovereign is female, the title is being changed into God Save the King and the pronouns in the lyrics into its feminine counterpart.

The anthem was adopted as the official imperial anthem of Zardugal upon the implementation of the Constitution of 4603 which changed the system of government of Zardugal from a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic into a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, declaring Felipe Bourvonne as the Emperor of the re-established Empire.

Lyrics Edit


God save our gracious King

Long live our noble King

God save the King

Send him victorious

Happy and glorious

Long to reign over us

God save the King.

Oh Lord Elyon arise

Bless Zardugal and guide

Empire behold!

Lord, grant that Marshall Wade

And we shall rule the waves

May, by your mighty aid

Victory bring.

Your greatest gifts in store

On him be pleased to pour

Long may he reign

May he defend our laws

And ever give us cause

To sing with heart and soul

God save the King.

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