Particracy Wiki

Since the Beluz Revolution and the 3880-3881 Constitution that instaurated the Beluz Socialist Republic, Beluzia, despite being officially a parliamentary democracy, could rather be considered as a dominant-block system, since the left parties are dominating the Parliament.

Elections in Beluzia[]

Elections are scheduled every four years, however early elections are very common. All eight elections from 3870 to 3880 have been early elections.

In elections, people vote for both the Grand Consul and the Parliament.

Parliament in Beluzia[]

The Parliament, known as the National People's Assembly, holds legislative power.

  • Simple voting majority
    • Voting on regular bills
  • Simple parliament majority
    • Choosing the President and its Cabinet
    • Voting on early election motions
    • Withdrawing from a treaty
  • Two-thirds parliament majority
    • Approving the ratification of a treaty
    • Reforming the Constitution

The Grand Consul[]

The Grand Consul is the Beluz Head of State.

He can change the budget and taxation (a task shared with the Minister of Finance), propose the draft and ratification of treaties (a task shared with the Minister of Foreign Affairs), and represent the nation abroad (shared with the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs).

The Cabinet[]

The Cabinet is chaired by the President, both nominated by the Assembly.

Political parties in Beluzia[]

Name Leader Political Spectrum Ideology Founded Seats in the Assembly
Beluzia Liberals Chanelle Keys Left-wing Liberalism, Social Progressivism 4225 141
The Libertarian-Reform Party Dr. Alexander Carter Right-wing Classical Liberalism 4221 124
People's Radical Revolutionary Party Dr. Zdzisław Marceli Far-left Revolutionary socialism, Democratic socialism ? 116
Labour Party Eric Brent Center-left ? 4181 88
Stanton House Andrew Stanton IX Center-right Conservatism 3988 124
Socialists & Democrat of Beuzia Sylvia Keller Right-wing social-democratic, environmentalist 4217 69
United Party Roberto Schneider  ? ? 4167 0
Beluzian Union of Fascists Edward S. Richardson Far-Right Fascism, Isolationism, Ultranationalism 4238 0