The Government of Luthori, formally His Majesty's Most Imperial Government, is the principle administrative body within the Holy Luthori Empire responsible for exercising executive powers on behalf of the monarch. The government and internal politics of Luthori exist within the borders of a partially devolved state, governed under a constitutional monarchy. Underneath the constitution, the Lord Chancellor is the "crown appointed" representative of the monarch and the head of government.

The Crown Edit

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According to the constitution, the incumbent monarch of Luthori, King Hurbert, is the head of state of Luthori Though he takes little direct part in government, the Crown remains the fount in which ultimate executive power over government lies. Said executive powers are delegated by the monarch to the various government ministries which act at the will on the monarch.The monarch wields various legislative and executive powers according to the constitution. Said powers entail:-

  • The power to dismiss and appoint a prime minister
  • The power to dismiss and appoint other ministers
  • The power to summon and prorogue Parliament
  • The power to command the Luthorian Armed Forces
  • The power to commission officers in the Armed Forces
  • The power to grant honours
  • The power to grant mercy/pardons onto individuals.

Legislature Edit

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The Imperial Diet, is the unicameral national legislature of Luthori. It consists of the monarch (represented in this case by the Speaker of the Diet) and the elected House of Representatives. The 600 members of the House of Representatives who are addressed by the "Member(s) of Parliament" are directly elected by electorate. The Speaker of the Diet is responsible for summoning parliament in the monarch's name. A parliamentary session lasts until a prorogation, after which, without ceremony, the House of Representatives must cease all legislative business until the Speaker issues another royal proclamation (on behalf of the monarch) calling for a new session to begin. After a number of such sessions, each parliament comes to an end via dissolution. As a general election typically follows, the timing of a dissolution is usually politically motivated, with the prime minister selecting a moment most advantageous to his/her political party.

Judiciary Edit

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The constitution states that the monarch is responsible for administering justice for the citizens of Luthori. However, the monarch does not personally rule in judicial cases; instead the judicial functions of the Royal Proclamation of Justice are performed in trust and in the monarch's name by officers of courts

The Supreme Court—the nation's highest court—consists of nine justices (the chief justice and eight (8) associate justices) who are appointed on recommendation by the Lord Chancellor. The Supreme Court hears appeals from decisions made by municipal appellant courts. 

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