Sekowo is a democratic republic. The head of state is the President. The President holds little to no political powers and is largely ceremonial and symbolic. Often she represents Sekowo abroad when visiting foreign countries and/or royal families. The parliament of Sekowo is the Kokumin Gikai, or National Assembly, and it consists of 300 delegates, each elected directly by the people. The members of the National Assembly have the responsibility of making the laws of the nation. They also appoint the national cabinet and the head of government, the Premier. The judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court.

Largely Sekowo is a free-market, despite the historic dominance of socialist political parties.

The Legislature Edit

The parliament of Sekowo is the unicameral National Assembly, or Kokumin Gikai, which is comprised 300 members who are elected indirectly by the people every two years. The National Assembly holds all the power to create laws and most policy in Sekowo.

Political Parties Edit

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Federal Parties Holding Seats

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Head of Government Edit

Main article: Premier of Sekowo

The Sessei of Sekowo is elected directly every two years. He or she serves as head of government on behalf of the Empress. The Sessei serves as the main representative of Sekowo internationally other than the Empress.

Cabinet Edit

The Cabinet of Sekowo is a part of the executive branch, appointed by the Sessei and approved by the Kokkai. Members of the Kokkai have to resign as legislators, if appointed to Cabinet. Generally government coalitions are created between represented parties in the parliament in the cabinet selection.

Government Coalitions Edit

Government Ministries Edit

  • Office of the -
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs -
  • Minister of Internal Affairs -
  • Minister of Finance -
  • Minister of Defence -
  • Minister of Justice -
  • Minister of Infrastructure & Transport -
  • Minister of Health & Social Services -
  • Minister of Education & Culture -
  • Minister of Science & Technology -
  • Minister of Food & Agriculture -
  • Minister of Environment & Tourism -
  • Minister of Trade & Industry -
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