Governor-General of the
United Governorates of Cobura
ResidenceCorona Palace (Sharba)
NominatorHouse of Representatives's Parties
AppointerThe Coburan people
Term length36 months
FormationFebruary 4317
First holderDomiano Corona (acting)
Final holderSamira Zwazi Mehjad
DeputyLieutenant Governor-General of Cobura

The Govenor-General of Cobura (Ĝenerala Guberniestro de Kobura) was the elected Head of State position in Cobura. It ued to be the highest ceremonial office in Coburan politics, and is responsible for the protection of the Coburan Constitution. The office of Governor-General was established on February 1, 4317 by a coalition of the Kolibro and the Alianco.

Function Edit

The main function of the Governor-General is to protect and preserve the Constitution of Cobura. The Governor-General acts as the highest protector of this document and ensures it is respected by both the Coburan Cabinet as well as the House of Representatives. The role of Governor-General is mostly ceremonial, in the form of going on state visits and serving as the highest representative of Cobura. Daily tasks of the Governor-General are: appointing directors/military officers, cutting ribbons and singing bills passed by the House..

Powers Edit

Even though much of the tasks of the Governor-General are ceremonial, the Constitution rewards this office with several political powers:

List of Governor-Generals (4316-4379) Edit

Politics & Government of Cobura

The Crown

Prime Minister


House of Representatives



Full list: List of Prime Ministers and Governor-Generals of Cobura

No. Name Term Party
I Domiano Corona


4316 - 4317 Kolibro
II Boethio Diasoreno 4317 - 4323 Alianco
III Delilah el-Mahjadi 4323 - 4326 Kolibro
IV Valora Malako 4326 - 4335 Alianco
V Amoun Khairēmōn 4335 - 4338 Kolibro
VI Ismad el-Hamdan 4338 - 4341

4341 - 4350

VII Aman Seyoum 4341 - 4341 Huia
VIII Sileshi Lishan 4350 - 4353 Kolibro
IX Ali Azmera Melos 4353 - 4365 Alianco
X Salehm Yezghewi 4365 - 4366 Kolibro
XI Abadir Patape 4366 - 4373

4380 - 4398

XII Tehēu Alphiemes 4373 - 4379 Royal Party
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