Governor of the
StyleGobharnóir (reference and spoken)
Honorable (diplomatic)
Residence?, ?
NominatorPopular vote
Term length4 years, unless early election called
Inaugural holder?
The Governor of the Regional Government of Dirguzia (Kirlawan: Gobharnóir na Dirguzia) or simply the Gobharnóir of Dirguzia, is the first minister of the devolved government of the Kirlawan province of Dirguzia. The Governorship is one of the three branches of the Regional Government of Dirguzia, the institution whereby the government of the province is organized. The other two branches of are the Senate of Dirguzia and the Council of Government.

The current Gobharnóir of Dirguzia is ? of the ?, who has held the office since 4704.

List of officeholdersEdit

Majority means the winning party got an absolute majority in the regional chamber; Coalition means the winning party needed to agree with one or more parties in order to have majority in the chamber; Minority means the winning party did not have an absolute majority in the regional chamber, regardless of whether it was in coalition with other parties or not.

Governor Took Office Left Office Gvt. Legislatures Party
1 Maia O'Madden Maia O'Madden February 4704 February 4736 Majority O'Madden I

O'Madden II

O'Madden III

O'Madden IV

O'Madden V

O'Madden VI

O'Madden VII

O'Madden VIII

Joint Proposal
2 Tristan Hanvey Tristan Hanvey February 4736 January 4739 Majority Hanvey I Standing Left
3 Empty January 4739 February 4745 Majority I


Social Democrats
' Tristan Hanvey Tristan Hanvey February 4745 February 4749 Majority Hanvey II Standing Left
4 Empty ? February 4749 February 4757 Majority I



Socialist and Democratic Party
February 4757 August 4764 Coalition IV


' Tristan Hanvey Tristan Hanvey August 4764 August 4768 Coalition Hanvey III Standing Left
August 4768 Majority Hanvey IV

Temporal lineEdit

Tristan Hanvey?Tristan Hanvey?Tristan HanveyMaia O'Madden

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