Grand Nationalists Party
Leader David Stephen
Founded March 3293
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Headquarters Baofluz, Perimor
Nation Jelbania
Ideology Conservative
Political Position Center-Right
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The Grand Nationalists Party, also commonly abbreviated to, GNP, was a major political party in Jelbania. It dominated Jelbanian politics during the 3280's to the late 3310's, and then again throughout the 3400's.

The party's platform was generally based upon Jelbanian conservatism, and places a strong emphasis on the protection and promotion of Jelbanian imperial heritage and culture. Itwascredited for playing a crucial role in the establishment of the Third Jelbanian Monarchy, and subsequently, the Empire of Jelbania.


Founded in the state of Perimor in March of 3239 by supporters of the prominent Sebastian family, conservatives and anti-Kennedy groups, the Grand Nationalists Party quickly became the main opposition party. By 3300 the GNP have effectively dominated Jelbanian politics, controlling the executive government, the legislature as well as the courts.

Of the most lasting contributions of the party, was the formation of the Empire of Jelbania, a monarchical state led by the members of the House of Sebastian. The family was considered one of the co-founders of the Party, and utilized it to place themselves on the throne.

Structure and CompositionEdit

The Grand Nationalists Party was led by the National Executive Committee (NEC), which is the top policy-making body of the organization. The NEC was chaired by the Party Chairman, who was always the party's candidate for the highest elected office in Jelbania.

The Government Management Committee (GMC) was composed of all GNP members holding a seat in the cabinet, or are designated as shadow cabinet secretaries or ministers, if the GNPs are in the opposition. The GMC did not hold any real power over the party, other than providing a clear and distinct caucus of leading party figures. The GMC is chaired by the Party Leader, who was always the party's candidate for the head of the government post.

The Secretariat was responsible for the daily affairs and running of the GNP. It provided logistical and technical support, as well as exercises administrative and organizational supervision over the membership and various personnel of the party. 

Political PositionsEdit

The MonarchyEdit

The Grand Nationalists Party was a strong supporter of an imperial Jelbania, favoring a government that grants checked but very broad powers to a monarch, particularly the House of Sebastian. The GNPwas generally considered as the protector of the Sebastian dynasty and prime promoter of its interests, serving as the royal house's political machinery. The GNPs only recognize the rule of the Sebastian dynasty as the rightful sovereign of Jelbania.

Economic PoliciesEdit

GNP strongly believes that free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity. To that end, they advocatde in favor of , fiscal conservatism, and the elimination of government run welfare programs in favor of private sector nonprofits and encouraging personal responsibility.

Leaders and Famous MembersEdit

Party Chairmans
Office Holder Tenure
1. Jonathan Sebastian
2. John Stephen
3. Bryan Sebastian
4. Jonathan Sterling
5. John Anosh
6. Charles Stephen
7. John Stephen II
8. John Stephen III