Imperial Grand Prince of Istalia

Alessandro of Istalia 4605 child.png
Full Name Alessandro Giovanni Mattia Michele
House House of Appiano De Borromei
Father Emperor Nicola I of Istalia
Mother Empress Consort Josephine
Born 19 January 4605
Romula, Istalia
Religion Aurorianism

Grand Prince Alessandro of Istalia (Alessandro Giovanni Mattia Michele, Romula, 19 January 4605) is a member of the Istalian Imperial family. He is the eldest child of Emperor Nicola I of Istalia and Empress Consort Josephine and this made him heir apparent and first in the line of succession to the Istalian Imperial Throne.


Grand Prince Alessandro was born in Deodato II Polyclinic of Romula, at 1.49 a.m. on 19 January 4605. 12-gun salutes signalled the birth in the capital.
After many speculation which regularly for years circulated about possible pregnancies by part of the Imperial Couple, in June 4604 finally the Crown gave the announce of Princess Josephine's pregnancy and later she explained that after many attempts she was forced to pursue a hormones terapy and admitted also that she suffered a miscarriage.
Speculation ensued also that the birth would boost the Istalian national economy and provide a focus for national pride.

Titles, Styles and HonorsEdit

Prince Alessandro's official title and style is His Imperial Highness the Imperial Grand Prince Alessandro of Istalia. While his name was announced few days after his birth, he was, from birth, an Istalian prince entitled to the style of Imperial Highness under Imperial Decree issued by Emperor Michele I in 4574, which gave the title and style to the children of the Imperial Grand Princes.

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