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The Great North Dovani Plain covers lies on the North-Western side of the large, but mainly unexplored continent of Dovani. Separating it from the Anantonese Ocean to the West is the Barrier Range and the coastal settled nations of Dranland, Kazulia, Greater Hulstria, Sekowo, Lourenne and Talmoria.

Middle Ground[]

The Plain is the middle ground between the civilized, modern nations on the coast and the wholly unexplored rest of the continent. Unlike that great mass of unknown land (which it is believed to be as large as the rest of Terra we do know a little about the Plain.

The Northern Welsh[]

At the Northern part of the Plain lies the Carrina Massiff Mountain and it is believed that, many centuries ago, the people now known as the Welsh decended from this mountain to settle both the Northern part of the Plain and parts of what is now Dranland.

Unlike the Plain's Gao-Showa population, the Welsh have always been unsettled. The Welsh on the northern part of the Plain have never spoken with one voice (apart from a brief time when Owain Glynwater united them against the Western Settlors) and are believed to be a hundred or so different tribes living mostly without regular communication.

The Southern Gao-Showa[]

The southern part of the plain was once the populated home of the expanding Gao-Showa (or Gishotoi). Like the Welsh, the Gao-Showa also found a way to bypass the Barrier Range. While the Welsh stuck to the Northern Coast in bypassing the mountains, the Gao-Showa used a Mountain pass to reach what is now Greater Hulstria. This pass is still in common use as the main road to the Greater Hulstria region of Hilgar.

Drought, Migration and Current Population[]

A great drought in 2313 hit the Plain hard. on the southern part of the Plain the Gao-Showa suffered most. A mass flight to the West, mainly Eastern Greater Hulstria, has left the Southern part of the Plain largely empty. There remains a few remaining Gao-Showa settlements on the Plain, but their number is nothing compared to those in Greater Hulstria

The Welsh did not suffer as much as the Gao-Showa during the 2313 drought, mainly due to the diferent climate around the Carrina Massiff on the northern tip. The exact number of Welsh on the Plain is wholly unknown, but it is believed to outn umber those living in the civilised nations of Dranland and Greater Hulstria at least five fold, even before the genocide in Dranland.

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