Great Terran War
Date 3988 - 4007
Location Majatra


  • Establishment of World Congress
  • Jelbania brought under Vanukean influence
  • Deltaria brought under Trigunian influence
  • Sekowo declared a neutral zone
Vanukean Alliance:

Vanukufederalflag Vanuku
New cildanian flag Cildania
Indralanewflag Indrala
GaduridosFlagAa Gaduridos
Hobrazi Eagle Hobrazia
United system of sol flag by wmediaindustries-d5rr0f1 Hutori
Coburaalternate1 Cobura
Kingdom of Barmenia flag Barmenistan
Flag of Saridan Saridan
New End Flag New Endralon

Trigunian Alliance:

Russia phil Trigunia
Jelbek horseman flag Jelbania
New Czarist flag Deltaria Deltaria
Pn1 Pontesi
New kalistani flag Kalistan
Mikuni Hulstria Flag Empire Mikuni-Hulstria

The Great Terran War[1][2], also known as the Great War, the Terran War or the World War, was a major international conflict that lasted from 3988 to 4007. Generally regarded as the largest and most destructive single war in history, it involved over a dozen different countries, spanned several continents and caused the death of tens of millions of citizens across the globe. Furthermore, the impact that the war had on international relations led to centuries of mistrust and suspicion between countries across Terra.

The war split the world's most powerful nations into to two opposing alliances, led by Vanuku and Trigunia respectively. The Vanukean alliance included Majatran countries such as Cildania, Cobura and Barmenistan as well as Indrala and Hutori. Meanwhile Trigunia was supported by Jelbania, Mikuni-Hulstria and Kalistan among others. As a result, the war is often perceived as a conflict between two great powers competing for global influence.


The outbreak of conflict came as a result of an attempt by the Trigunia to intervene in favour of the Deltarian government in relation to their attempts to quell a slave rebellion in the country. As the Trigunian navy attempted to reach Majatra, they were engaged by Cildania. Prior to this, the the Cildanian Navy had been authorised to intervene in order to prevent any Deltarian ally attempting to enter the Majatran Sea. To the Principality of Vanuku, the implications of a Trigunians intervention into their sphere of influence would go against the nation's interests as it would have allowed for the Trigunian Federation to establish the necessary foothold in Majatra it had been hoping for posterior to losing influence in Cildania to the principality.

Majatra FrontEdit

Majatra was the centre of the most devastating sections of the conflict.

Northern FrontEdit

The Northern Front refers to the conflict in Keris and Makon.

Eastern theatresEdit

Main article: Ananto War

The eastern theatres refers to the conflicts which emerged in Seleya and Dovani.

End and aftermathEdit

The war had a lasting effect on international relations.

Media Edit

The Great Terran War has repeatedly been the subject of many movies, TV series and documentaries. Among the most famous, the Istalian made movie trilogy formed by The Call of Suffering, Trail of Death, The Stag and the Dragon.


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