Greater likatonia

The territorial aims of Greater Likatonia

Greater Likatonia is an expansionist ideology that advocates the annexion of parts of Valruzia, Telamon and Keymon into a Likaton Empire. Based on the idea of a Likaton Peninsula on the north western tip of Seleya supporters of a Greater Likatonia argue that the entire area is culturally and historically 'Likaton' as opposed to being composed of independent and diverse states.

Greater Likatonia is creeping it's way back into Likaton politics.

The idea itself has been around since the 20th Century but it only achieved prominence in the 2260's under the Likaton Fascist Front and the Freedom Movement of Central Likatonia. Under their control the Likaton government embarked on military attempts to both aid Zuman rebels and capture Keymon, both were ultimately unsuccessful. Greater Likatonia is an idea largely discarded by the modern day Likaton population. In the 2350's and 2360's, the idea came back to light with some parties including the Likaton Fascist Front Revival, Conservative Liberal Party and Right Wing Liberals Party advocating the idea.

The Conservative Liberal Party went as far as to highlight to issue internationally asking for support from political parties within Greater Likatonia. The Likaton Fascist Front Revival is willing to use military force to acquire Greater Likatonia.

Greater Likatonia has begun to enter Likaton politics again recently after Likatonia withdrew from the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation at the behest of Right-Wing parties lead by the Conservative Liberal Party.

There is also the Government of Greater Likatonia as an organization in Lodamun.

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