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Gregory Kleinman

In office
January 2nd, 2735 – January 2nd, 2738
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
January 2nd, 2723 – Febuary 9th, 2738
Preceded by
Succeeded by

April 17th, 2668
August 20th, 2747
Flieder, Budenlar
Political party
Elizabeth Kleinman
Politician, Business/Marketing

Gregory Kleinman (b.April 17th, 2668-d.August 20th, 2747) was the 14th Governor-General of Greater Hulstria and 6th Chairman of the Fascist Authority Party. Prior to become party chairman, Kleinman worked in the field of business and marketing in the Crownland of Budenlar. In the late 2600s, he founded his own accounting firm, called Kleinman Corp, which is still in operation today. He was CEO of Kleinman Corp until 2706 when he left to become involved in politics and eventually part of the Fascist Authority Party government; Kleinman was one of the top candidates for the party Finance Ministry but was not tapped for it though remained a ranking member within the National Congress until his appointment and election as the Chairman of the Fascist Authority Party in 2723. In 2735, Gregory Kleinman was elected as the Governor-General of Greater Hulstria, serving for one term. In 2738 shortly after losing re-election as Governor-General to Anders Raske, Kleinman resigned as chairman of the Fascist Authority Party, and appointed David Thorsten to succeed him.

Kleinman was the author of the "Hulstria-Vorona Free Trade Argeement" and wrote it under his tenure but did not see its final passing because of his loss in re-election; it was instead passed under successor Anders Raske but in Klienman's honor and credit. His tenure is noted to be a turning point in Hulstrian-Vorona relations, where the two nations would remain close allies for several decades until the fall of the Bavoria Monarchy by communist rebels. Kleinman was also noted to a influencial member of the "Imperial Conservative Era" and the Imperial Conservative coalition with the Imperial Hulstrian Party. On August 20th, 2747, almost 10 years after losing the Governor-General election, Kleinman died in Flieder, Budenlar.

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