HRH Queen
Rachel of Kanjor and La Tondelle
Crown Princess Judith
Born 10 January 2913, Croix, Nirald, Rildanor
Died 18 April 2993, Atyr, Kanjor
Reign 5 June 2960 - Present
Predecessor Pretender to the Throne HRH Crown Princess Rachel Irène
Heir Apparent HRH Crown Prince Léopold Frédéric de Villiers et Orléans-Vasser
Consort HRH Prince Consort Léon Renard Porical (2936 - 2952)
HRH Prince Consort Aureo Quiñónez Barraza Rajoy (2957 - present)
Issue HRH Queen of Kanjor and La Tondelle
Imperial Dynasty House of Villiers et Orléans-Vasser

Born HRH Crown Princess Judith Mireille Marie Louise-Elisabeth (b.2913 - d.2993), the Princess changed her name to HRH Queen Rachel upon her selection as Monarch on 5 June 2960.

Early LifeEdit

- born in Croix, Rildanor

- lived alongside Rildanorian branch of Family

- grew up speaking Canrillaişe with Rildanorian accent


- attended Royal Academy in Rildanor for both elementary and secondary school



- École Nationale Supérieure de Nirald

- Art History & Religious Studies



Judith & Leon

HRH Crown Princess Judith and her husband Léon Renard Porical.

Personal LifeEdit



Aureo Quiñónez Barraza Rajoy, her second husband 19 years her junior

- met and married Léon Renard Porical in 2936; he was Kanjorien ex-patriot who had fled persecution as a successful insurance business executive with his family

- he was at dinner party with Rildanorienne insurance executives in which Judith had been invited

- only child Léopold Frédéric de Villiers et Orléans-Vasser born on 9 April 2939

- she subsequently divorced Porical, which became something of a tabloid spectacle, ending acrimoniously in 2955.

- met Aureo Quiñónez Barraza Rajoy in 2952, a linguist and interpreter hired to work with her, and left Rildanor to re-settle in Egelion with his family. She married Rajoy in 2957. She was 44 and he was 25, giving them a 19 year age gap in their relationship.

- Rajoy returned to Kanjor with Judith, where he was a great hit with the Kanjorienne people because of his youth and charm. However, some conservative members of the Court disapproved of the manner of their meeting, Judith's divorce, and the substantial age gap between the two.

- second child is born, HRH Princess Camelia Zara Maria Noelle, born on 27th January 2965

Personal InterestsEdit

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