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Hacia Casa
Leader Fabricio Alvarado
Founded May 3557
Dissolved -
Headquarters Mynyddoedd Creigiog("Castellón"), Loren Provence
Nation Republic of Dranland
Ideology Unificaciónism
Political Position Centrist to centre-right
International Affiliations Egelia Solidarity Campaign
International Human Rights Commission
Colours Dark green
Website www.haciacasa.dr

Hacia Casa ("Homewards") was founded in May 3557 by Curro Cabello, a charismatic billionaire who made his fortune with Cabello Estudios, the Terra famous television production company.

A life-long Dranianos nationalist, Cabello became an increasingly ardent supporter of "unificación", the call for Dranland (which unificaciónists call "eastern Egelia") to be absorbed in to Egelion in order to create a new, unified country called Egelia. Cabello saw himself more as an Egelian than a Dranianos, regarding the Dranish state as an oppressive, illegitimate and artificial construct dominated by the "extranjeros" ("foreigners") - the Draddwyr, Kyo, Kazulians and others who now collectively outnumbers the Dranianos in Dranland.

Unificaciónists follow a theory, disputed by mainstream historians, that back in ancient times, modern-day Egelion and Dranland comprised a single nation under one government called Egelia. Ancient Egelia, they believe, was a super-advanced civilisation which had its splendid capital in Egelopolis, the remains of which they believe to be submerged under the sea between Valdor and Eder Gira. Again, mainstream historians and archaeologists question whether there is any serious actual evidence for this.

Curro Cabello was assassinated in 3564, and succeeded as leader by Fabricio Alvarado.

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