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Type Ahmadi
Theistic philosophy Monotheistic, Panentheistic
Supreme divinity Akim, Holy Spirits, Ahmad
Major Pantheon
  • Malak al-Nur
  • Rasul al-Haqq
  • Malak al-Maut
  • Malak al-Rahiim
Major Prophets Amad, Arik (Ariel), Elyas (Eliyahu), Ahmad, Hala al-Deltari
Scripture Book of Amad, Katub, Annunciation, Book of Bliss
Founded 16th century, Great Deltaria
Separated from Abadism
Liturgical language Classical Majatran

The Halawites (Halawīyyah, Majatran: هلوية), also known as the Halawis are a small sect of Ahmadism who follow Hala bint Ahmed ad-Deltari (Majatran: هالة بنت أحمد الديلتاري‎), a 16th century Turjak saint from Deltaria who became famous when she was executed for heresy after ecstatically proclaiming Anal-Haq ("I am the Truth"), which her contemporaries interpreted as an affirmation of divinity. The Halawites originated in the area of southern Deltaria where the interaction between Hosianism and Abadism resulted in the emergence of a small sect with syncretic features. The Halawites were persecuted by both Hosians and Ahmadi followers due to their heretical nature. Few Ahmadis claim to be Halawites, the largest of these reside in the northern portion of Jakania, southern Deltaria and the Siphinans of Kalopia-Wantuni.


Hala al-Deltari, founder of Halawism

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