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Harry Franklin

In office
1 March 4608 - 1 June 4611

1 July 4618 - 1 October 4619

1 Januari 4633 – 8 November 4638

In office
4621 – 4636
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
4618 – 4619

In office
4608 – 4611

Member of the Imperial Diet
In office
4599 – 4638

Political party
Politician, Statesman

Harry Franklin (4570-4663) is a Luthorian politician and the leader of the Communist Party of Luthori. Harry Franklin was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Luthori between 4608 and 4611 and between 4618 and 4619.


Harry Franklin was born in 4570 in a family of four children. Its parents were poor and could not afford to pay the rent. Harry Franklin left high school at 18 and then started doing jobs at the minimal wage to study physics at the university. He graduated in 4594 with a master degree in physics at the University of Sandulka.

In 4597, Jack Lilliath got elected at the Clamfeld local election.

His success continues and he gets elected at the 4599 parliamentary election.

After he gained experience, he posted its candidature for the 4621 leadership election of the CPL.

Being the new president of the CPL, Harry Franklin will try to keep the CPL in first position at every election.


Harry Franklin is considered at the center wing of the CPL. He advocates heavy regulations on companies and an economy that "works for the people".

He also defends human rights and LGBT rights in Luthori.

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