Hasan Aeductus World Shipping S.p.A.
Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as BIM: HAW
Industry Transport, Shipping
Founded 21 April 4187
Headquarters Viale del Porto Vecchio 52, 00451
Triesta, Trivendito
Area Served Worldwide
Fleet 775 ships
Key people Gianluca Martorana (Chairman)
Caio Appianus (CEO)
Alam Al-Badr (CFO)
Services Container shipping, bulk cargo,
passengers, cruises
Revenue LIS£ 27.6 billion (4370)
Net income LIS£ 3.1 billion (4370)
Owners Hasan Grand Holding S.p.A. (50.00%)
Aeductus Familia (50.00%)
Employees 32.800

The Hasan Aeductus World Shipping S.p.A.(also known with the acronym: HAWS) is an istalian-selucian worldwide large container shipping company having customers through 203 offices in 46 countries. It employs approximately 7,000 sea farers and approximately 25,000 land-based people. HAWS operates over 775 vessels and has a capacity of 4.7 million TEU. The company was founded in 4187 after an agreement between the istalian Hasan World Shipping, a subsidiary of the Hasan Grand Holding S.p.A., and the selucian Aeductus Inter Shipping.


HAWS operates many trade lanes with which assures a coverage across the globe but the most developed are those between Majatra, Seleya and Dovani.
HAWS is divided in two main operative division, the Majatran Division and the Global Division which both controls several subsidiaries.

Majatran DivisionEdit

Tha Majatran Division (HAWS-MO) manages all the operations into the Majatran Continent and especially into the Majatran Sea and the HAWS-MD has authority on any subsidiary which operate into this area, among them the most important is the passenger and ferry shipping Company once controlled by the Aeductus Inter Shipping and which was renamed Majatran Sea Lines.
At the top of the managing of the Majatran Division there are what that once was the top management of the Aeductus Inter Shipping and so the Aeductus' family to which the HAWS recognizes a certain degree of autonomy.
The Aeductus Family has recognized also the total authority and authonomy on the internal selucian subsidiaries of the HAWS.

Global DivisionEdit

The Global division (HAWS-GD) manages all the worldwide operations has authority on any subsidiary wich operates at global scale or into foreign markets. The managing of the Global Division is directly under the authority of the HAWS.
Furthermore the HAWS top managing manages all the activities and operations in Istalia and of the istalian subsidiaries.


The HAWS is owned by the Hasan Grand Holding S.p.A. and by the Aeductus Familia in equal shares. Hasan as per the fusion agreement manage mainly the global, istalian and foreign operations of the company while Aeductus manage mainly the majatran and selucian operations.

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