Hazem Salah Abo Ismail
Born 3 April, 3185 (Agundi City, United Republic of Badara)


Religion Islam Sunni
Children Mahmoud Salah Abo Ismail
Philosophic school Muslim Brotherhood
Notable ideas (as a philosopher)

Co-founder of Muslim Brotherhood

Influenced by Mohammed Badii, Hassan el Bana and Islamic Ideas
Influenced The Progressive Islam Alliance
The National Governor of United Republic of Badara
6 August 3239-Present
Political Party
The Progressive Islam Alliance
Medals and Orders
National Medal of Badara,Islamic Medal

Hazem Salah Abo Ismail (3 April, 3185 - 14 June 3250) was the first President of United Republic of Badara and member in Freedom and Justice party and The Progressive Islam Alliance he was born Agundi City which is the most religious city in the nation.


He Recieved his education from great Religious ministers like Mohammed Abdo and Hassan el Bana.They influnced him too much he travelled to Dar al Badara to continue his Islamic education. He was graduated from university on 3210 and he continued his researches in Quran.

Political ActivityEdit

He joined Muslim Brotherhood on 3213 and he was arrested many times because this organization was banned as it called to republic and they were against Monarchy.When Muslim Brotherhood decided to make political party named Freedom and Justic on 3234 he joined it and became famous.


Before elections on 3239 Freedom and Justice allied with New islamique dream and Formed The Progressive Islam Alliance. The Alliance Decided to declare Hazem Salah Abo Ismail As The national Governor candidate. Hazem Salah Abo Ismail won the elections by acclamation and became first National Governor in history of United Republic of Badara.

Declaration of United Republic of BadaraEdit

On April 3240, Hazem Salah Abo Ismail declared The United Republic of Badara formaly and ended Monarchism.

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