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Head of the Nation of the
Kivonian Republic
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General Augustin Volkhardt.jpg
Augustin Volkhardt
In office
1 April 4750 – 6 July 4773
StyleHis/Her Excellency
NominatorPopular vote
Term length6 years (unless early election called)
Inaugural holderAugustin Volkhardt
FormationAdministrative Changes
First holderAugustin Volkhardt
Final holderAugustin Volkhardt
Abolished8 July 4773
DeputyElector-Premier and Second Consul

The Head of the Nation (Kivonian/Davostani: Nationens Chef), officially called the Head of the Nation of the Kivonian Republic (Kivonian: Kivoniska Republikens Nationschef, Davostani: Nationens Chef for den Kivonske Republik), was the de facto head of government of the second Kivonian Socialist Republic from April 4750 to August 4754, and was from 4754 to 4773 the official head of state of the Third Kivonian Republic after replacing the Supreme Sovereign. General Augustin Volkhardt is the only person to occupy the office.

Political affiliation[]

Party # Name(s) Years
Left-wing political parties
Center political parties
Right-wing political parties KNSP 1 Augustin Volkhardt 4750-4773

List of Heads of the Nation[]

Head of the Nation of the Kivonian Republic Term of office Elected by (2nd Ballot) Coalition Cabinet Prior office Political party HoS/HoG
Votes % Against
1 Augustin Volkhardt.jpg Augustin Volkhardt 1 April 4750 1 August 4754 Not elected None Volkhardt Government Elector-Premier and Second Consul Kivonian National Salvation Party List of Heads of State of Davostan
1 August 4754 1 September 4759 Not elected None Kvist Cabinet List of Heads of Government of Davostan
1 September 4759 Present 11,946,986 100.00 None None
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Temporal line[]

Augustin Volkhardt