City of Helem
Governor Hassan al-Razama
Governorate Abi'nadi

Helem is the capital city of the Kafuri region of Abi'nadi. It is also the holiest site of the Ahmadi faith.


Helem's pre-Ahmadi history is poorly recorded, it appears to having been a prominent centre of trade. It became growing after the Ahmadi Prophet Ahmad starts calling people to Ahmadism in the city, and it gained a reputation as one of the holiest sites in Terra. Pilgrims enriched the culture while religion gave it a reputation for eminent religious scholarship.


The city has an arid climate with temperatures ranging between a high 40°C in summer and remaining above 15°C in winter. Very little rainfall falls over the city in the rainy season between October and February.


The City's permanent population is estimated to be around 1.36 million. Around 2 million pilgrims visit the City each year, boosting the local and national economy substantially. About 88% of all permanent citizens are thought to be of Kafuri origin while the rest are mostly Badarans and Solentians. Non-Ahmadis are forbidden from visiting the City.


The City is famous for its many theological colleges especially the School of Theology The City manages its vast educational network with hundreds of publicly funded madrassas providing education for most of its children.


city government is led by an appointed Governor who acts in concert with the City council. The City Council is made up of 31 elected non-partisan members. Helem has always been a conservative stronghold, its Council is currently composed of 24 conservatives, and 7 left-wingers.

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