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Henry I

King of Tukarali

Consort Abigail Lourdes
Titles and Styles
  • HRH the King of Tukarali
  • HIM the Archduke of Hulstria
Father Heinrich, Archduke of Hulstria
Mother Gloria I of Tukarali
Date of Birth August 20th, 2827
Sangon, Shrin Kali, Tukarali
Date of Birth March 11th, 2910
Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott, Anyako Branch

His Royal Highness, Defender of the Tukarese People, Henry I, King of Tukarali (b.August 20th, 2827-March 11th, 2910) was the pretender to the throne of Democratic Empire of Tukarali from 2888 to 2910; following his older brother's abdication in the late 2880s, Henry, as per with the regulation of the line of succession to the Tukarese throne, assumed the title of the "King of Tukarali", and became the new head of the House of Aynako. He was married to Abigail Lourdes and had one child, Prince Constantine, who went onto become Constantine I of Tukarali. Henry I was the third child and second son of the former Queen of Tukarali, Gloria I, and Archduke Heinrich of Hulstria.

Titles & Styles[]

Hulstrian Phoenix Flag.png

Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:

  • Archduke of Hulstria (20 August 2827 - 11 March 2910)
Primary form of address
  • His Imperial Majesty Heinrich, Archduke of Hulstria (20 August 2827 - 11 March 2910)
Flag of Tukarali.png


  • Prince of Tukarali
  • King of Tukarali
Primary form of address
  • His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Tukarali
  • His Royal Highness Henry I, King of Tukarali