Immense presence of slavery and countless civil wars throughout it's past, Likatonia is no stranger to violence. Likatonia originated as a colony of Luthori, but fought and won their independence. Unlike many other colonies, Luthori pilgrims colonized Likatonia, fleeing religious persecution in Luthori.

Colonization Period (3867 - 4022) Edit

Likatonia was first discovered by Egelian explorers, who did not colonize the region. Likatonia was first colonized by Darnussians, who formed the first colony on the isle of Pirland. Few years later, Luthori began colonized mainland areas, mainly Bolton. Madison was a Canrillaise colony very briefly, though canrillaise culture still heavily influences the region. In 3878 Luthori took control of the Darnussian colony, Pirland, asserting their control over all Likatonian colonies. Darnussian culture still remains vibrant in Pirland.

The Luthori pilgrims who first began colonizing areas of Bolton and Pirland sailed to Likatonia, fleeing the persecution of the Holy Luthori Church. The pilgrims were Hosian, as the Holy Luthori Church was, however they were progressive, reformist and much less orthodox.

In early 4000, Luthori control over the colonies began increasing. Likatonians saw steep tax increases and waning civil liberties. This initiated what became the Likatonian War for Independence.

Likatonian Revolution (4022 - 4026) Edit

In 4023, the three Likatonian colonies (Bolton, Madison and Pirland) declared independence from Luthori and, their monarch, King James Well III. They declared independence after rising taxation on the colonies beginning in 4022, in order to pay for Luthori's wars and endeavors elsewhere. Already hostile to Luthori, Likatonia decided that they would no longer accept the blatant Luthori bureaucracy, and revolted. Most famously, Pirlanders revolted by dumping nearly 50 tons of tea, an item on which taxes had recently been increased, into the Chester Harbor. This resulted in all those arrested during the revolt being publicly executed, only throwing more gasoline onto the fire. The Likatonian revolt began a bloody two year war, in which the Likatonians were aided by Lourennian forces and Darnussian forces. In 4026 the Treaty of Tiffanie was signed in Lourenne's capital, officially freeing Likatonia from Luthori control and ending the Likatonian Revolution

Eastward Expansion/Bolton Gold Rush (4026-4030) Edit

The Bolton Gold Rush occurred when dozens of large sources of gold ore were discovered in East and West Bolton, sparking more migration eastward to more rural, uncivilized regions. This was supported by then-President Jacque Samson, who said it was Likatonia's destiny to expand their Republic eastward. During this expansion, countless battles were fought against Native Likatonians, who felt that their land was being stolen from them as it had been in eastern Likatonia. During this period, Madison and Bolton grew in size, and a new state, Norwalk, was admitted to the Republic. Mining and agriculture grew during this period, becoming an important aspect of Likatonian culture.

First Likatonian Civil War (4030 - 4038) Edit

The First Likatonian Civil war began in 4030, sparked by President Alexander Prior publicly denounced enslavement of black Talmorians and made it his intention to abolish it. This resulted in the Likatonian states of Norwalk and Madison, whose agricultural economies depended on slavery, declaring independence from the Federal Republic of Likatonia (FBL) and forming their own Confederate States of Likatonia (CSL). This showed a clear divide between the west of Likatonia, which was more urbanized and opposed slavery, and the east of Likatonia, which was more rural and relied on slavery. Though the abolition of slavery was the ultimate factor that lead to the outbreak of war, the steady decline in states rights pushed by eastern politicians also heavily contributed. In the first year of the war, Bolton held a vote to secede from the Likatonian Republic. After the vote showed a clear divide between the east and the west, the eastern representatives declared independence from the Republic and from western Bolton, forming a new state, East Bolton, and joining the Confederacy. The war ended after 8 years and thousands of battles, most of which were won by the Unionist states. The Confederate states were reunited with the republic and slavery was abolished.

Second Likatonian Civil War (4095 - 4099) Edit

In 4095 the second Likatonian Civil War broke out. The main cause of this war was the tense relations between the left-wing state of Pirland and the right-wing state of Madison. After the first civil war, Pirland continued pushing for the Likatonian federal government's power and reach to increase, while Madison, Norwalk and East Bolton opposed it. Right-wing extremist groups began to form in Madison, who called for violence against the unitarist Pirland oppressors. The event that sparked the start of the war was the burning of the Pirland capital building in Chester. The building was first stormed then set afire from the inside. Dozens of Pirlanders were killed in this act of terrorism. After the Madison state-government openly supported the attack, Pirland demanded the federal government respond with aggression. In September 4095 the attempted invasion of Madison by the Likatonian army initiated. Norwalk stood alongside Madison in this second civil war, and declared themselves independent from the Republic. East Bolton, West Bolton and Pirland remained united as the Federal Republic of Likatonia. In 4096, Madison was easily and quickly overrun by Republican forces, as the state was surrounded by unionist states. The separatists fled to Norwalk, where they were able to hold up for another 3 years due to strong border defense and forts. During the period of Norwalk's independence from the Republic, their weapons industry surged. Engineers and scientists to begin developing and testing weapons. Percussion cap firearms were first developed in Norwalk during this period, to replace Likatonian flintlock pistols. Even with these military innovations, the separatists ultimately lost to the Republicans, when they stormed Norwalk's border defense and took the entire state in just under a month.

List of Presidents of the Federal Republic of Likatonia Edit

# President Years Served Party Notes
1 Henry Clovis 4023-4026 Independent First president, founding father, Luthorian.
2 Andrew Johnson 4026-4027 Democratic-Republican Founding father, first Democratic-Republican president.
3 William J. Jameson 4027-4028 Democratic-Republican Founding father.
4 Joseph Grayson 4028-4029 Federalist Founding father, first Federalist president.
5 John Buchanan 4029-4030 Federalist Founding father.
6 Alexander Prior 4030-4033 Federalist Founding father.
7 Michael Plainview 4033-4034 Federalist Founding father.
(1) Henry Clovis 4034-4036 Democratic-Republican Founding father.
(7) Michael Plainview 4036-4038 Federalist Founding father.
(2) Andrew Johnson 4038-4042 Democratic-Republican Founding father.
(3) William J. Jameson 4042-4044 Democratic-Republican Founding father.
8 Eli Jameson 4044-4046 Democratic-Republican First president born in Likatonia, son of William J. Jameson.
9 Barrister T. Jackson 4046-4050 Supreme Right First and only Supreme Right president.
10 Marcus Johnson 4050-4053 Social Libertarian First Social Libertarian president.
11 Bob Carol 4053-4061 Social Libertarian
12 Marcus Zapruderberg 4061-4068 Social Libertarian First Darnussian-Likatonian president.
13 Daniel Wells 4068-4074 Federalist
14 Jake Johnson I 4074-4078 Social Democratic First Social Democratic president.
15 Julian Cintron 4078-4080 Libertarian First Egelian-Likatonian president, first Libertarian president.
(14) Jake Johnson I 4080-4082 Social Democratic
16 Hank Jameson 4082-4084 Federalist First non-religious president.
17 William Stanton 4084-4088 Holy Hosian State First Holy Hosian president.
18 Ryan Highton 4088-4092 Holy Hosian State
19 Heinrich Weltstein 4092-4096 Holy Hosian State First Dundorfian-Likatonian president.
20 Edward Wright 4096-4098 Federalist
21 Theodora Wilder 4098-4102 Holy Hosian State First female president.
(18) Ryan Highton 4102-4104 Holy Hosian State
22 Jacque Samson 4104-4106 Holy Hosian State First Canrillaise-Likatonian president.
(14) Jake Johnson I 4106-4110 Social Democratic
23 William Sharpe 4110-4112 Holy Hosian State
(14) Jake Johnson I 4112-4116 Social Democratic
24 James Anderlini 4116-4118 New Dawn First Istalian-Likatonian president, first New Dawn president.
25 Amie Jacobs 4118-4122 Social Libertarian
(24) James Anderlini 4122-4124 New Dawn
(14) Jake Johnson I 4124-4129 Social Democratic
26 Andrew Ford 4129-4132 Libertarian
27 Mickey Bernard 4132-4134 Social Democratic
28 Ronald Carlson 4134-4134 New Dawn
(27) Mickey Bernard 4134-4136 Social Democratic
(28) Ronald Carlson 4136-4138 New Dawn
29 Randolph Reagan 4138-4141 Federalist
(28) Ronald Carlson 4141-4142 New Dawn
30 John Freeman 4142-4146 Conservative First Conservative president.
31 Andrea Vela 4146-4148 Environmentalist First Environmentalist president.
(28) Ronald Carlson 4148-4149 New Dawn
32 James A. Chinx 4149-4150 People's Party First Indralan-Likatonian president, first 'People's Party' president.
33 Naty Chinx 4150-4152 People's Party Daughter of James A. Chinx.
34 Jamie Chinx 4152-4154 People's Party Cousin of James A. Chinx.
35 Franklin Ellis Shay 4154-4159 Worker's Party First 'Worker's Party' president.
36 Jose San Andres 4159-4161 People's Democratic Party First 'People's Democratic Party' president.
(30) John Freeman 4161-4163 Conservative
(36) Jose San Andres 4163-4169 People's Democratic Party
37 Jamie Alex Chinx Jr 4169-4171 People's Party Son of James A. Chinx.
38 John Likey 4171-4173 Democratic First Democratic president.
39 Ezekiel Carter 4173-4178 Federalist
40 Albert McFrenalte 4178-4180 Democratic
41 Jeffrey Maddox 4180-4184 Federalist
42 Lisa Kallman 4184-4186 Social Liberal First Social Liberal president.
43 Jake Johnson II 4186-4188 Social Democratic
44 James Freeman 4188-4191 Conservative Cousin of John Freeman.
(30) Jake Johnson II 4191-4198 Social Democratic
45 Ann Baldwin 4198-4200 Social Liberal
(30) John Freeman 4200-4202 Conservative
(45) Ann Baldwin 4202-4206 Social Liberal
46 Xavier White 4206-4214 Social Liberal
47 Lauren Wilkinson 4214-4226 Social Liberal
48 Maggie Paulson 4226-4229 Social Libertarian First female president to succeed another female president.
49 Mara Williams 4229-4232 Social Liberal
50 Lindsay Orville 4232-4235 Green First 'Green Worker's Party' president.
51 Matthew Green 4235-4239 Social Libertarian
52 George Skanderberg 4239-4241 Republican Centrist First Republican Centrist president.
53 Hiawatha Kisecawchuck 4241-4246 Social Liberal First Native-Likatonian president.
(52) George Skanderberg 4246-4246 Republican Centrist First president to resign the presidency. Vice-President John Selmani assumes office until new elections are called.
54 John Selmani 4246-4246 Republican Centrist First president not to be elected. Assumed office following the resignation of President George Skanderberg.
55 Felipe Osborne 4246-4250 Social Liberal
(54) John Selmani 4250-4252 Republican Centrist
56 Ronald Garfield Steele 4252-4254 Worker's Socialist Party First 'Worker Socialist' president.
57 Martha Mist 4254-4256 Social Liberal
(56) Ronald Garfield Steele 4256-4258 Worker Socialist
58 Arthur J. Thompson 4258-4260 Worker Socialist
59 George Ortega 4260-4268 Social Liberal
(58) Arthur J. Thompson 4268-4270 Worker Socialist
60 Sylvester Grey 4270-4272 Worker Socialist
61 William Bailey 4272-4274 United Left First United Left president.
62 Mary Erwin 4274-4276 United Left
63 Edric Blake 4276-4277 Republican Centrist
(62) Mary Erwin 4277-4277 United Left
64 Pietrus Magnus 4277-4279 Social Democratic First Selucian-Likatonia president.
(62) Mary Erwin 4279-4280 United Left
(63) Edric Blake 4280-4281 Republican Centrist
(64) Pietrus Magnus 4281-4283 Social Democratic
(62) Mary Erwin 4283-4287 United Left
65 Roberta Beach 4287-4289 United Capitalist First United Capitalist President
(62) Mary Erwin 4289-4291 United Left
65 Roberta Beach 4291-4293 United Capitalist
(62) Mary Erwin 4293-4302 United Left
66 Carl Gygrop 4302-4303 United Capitalist
(62) Mary Erwin 4303-4311 United Left
67 Chelsea Bowler 4311-4313 Centre-Liberal
(62) Mary Erwin 4315-4316 United Left
68 William Cooper 4316-4317 New Dawn
(62) Mary Erwin 4317-4320 United Left
(68) William Cooper 4320-4322 New Dawn
(62) Mary Erwin 4322-4326 United Left
(68) William Cooper 4326-4330 New Dawn
69 Winston Reagen 4330-4332 Conservative
70 Phil Hubble 4332-4334 Social Liberal
(69) Winston Reagan 4334-4336 Conservative
(70) Phil Hubble 4336-4342 Social Liberal
71 Niall Ferdinand 4342-4346 Social Liberal
72 Michael Walker 4346-4350 Republican Centrist
73 Louis Thibodeoux 4350-4353 Democratic Union Party First Democratic Union Party President
74 Henry Blackstone 4353-4355 Republican Centrist
75 Jenny Wright 4355-4356 Social Liberal
74 Henry Blackstone 4356-4366 Republican Centrist First President to be assassinated.
76 Franklin Rockefeller 4366-4368 Republican Centrist Assumed office following the assassination of President Blackstone, declared new elections and elected in his own right. Youngest person ever to serve as President (40 years, seven months and three days old)
77 Gustaf Hollander 4368-4370 AFL First Alternative for Likatonia President
78 Marshall Winston 4370-4373 Worker's Socialist
(77) Gustaf Hollander 4373-4377 AFL
(78) Marshall Winston 4377-4380 Worker's Socialist
79 Paul Lion 4380-4382 Social Liberal
80 Isak Karlsson 4382-4384 AFL
(79) Paul Lion 4384-4386 Social Liberal
81 Wilfred Johnson 4386-4389 AFL First President to be incumbent trough the new 3 year term rule.
82 Floyd T. Franklin 4389-4392 Worker's Socialist First President elected trough the new 3 year term rule.
83 Anna Bird 4392-4398 Social Liberal
84 Rachel Blacker 4398-4403 Worker's Socialist
85 Richard White 4403-4409 Republican Centrist
86 Jack D. Cannon 4409-4412 Worker's Socialist
(85) Richard White 4412-4415 Republican Centrist
87 Martha Lyndon 4415-4419 Social Liberal
(85) Richard White 4419-4422 Republican Centrist
88 Andrew Sullivan 4422-4431 Republican Centrist
89 George Carter 4431-4434 Republican Centrist
90 James Graylord 4434-4440 Progressive Populist
89 George Carter 4440-4443 Republican Centrist
91 Randy Stanburg 4443-4445 Progressive Populist
92 James Biden 4445-4447 Republican Centrist (RCA disbanded in 4447)
93 Linda Mar 4447-4452 Progressive Populist
94 Orville Drake 4452-4459 Worker's Socialist
95 Tim Lincoln 4459-4468 Conservative
96 James Whitelock 4468-4488 New Dawn
(95) Tim Lincoln 4488-4491 Conservative
96 Rex Balderson 4491-4503 Democratic-Ally
97 Arya Scott 4504-4507 New Dawn
(95) Tim Lincoln 4508-4549 Conservative From 4508 to 4546 the Conservative Party of Likatonia holds the presidency for the longest period in history. 41 years.
99 Sheri Scott 4549-4558 Democratic First Democratic Party President.
100 Jana Santiago 4558-4564 Democratic First female Egelian-Likatonian President.
101 Roosevelt Herrera 4564-4574 Democratic Oldest person to ever serve as president (81 years, five months and 24 days old).
102 Jonny Smith 4574-4579 Socialist Workers
103 Roderick Hodge 4579-4585 Independent Alliance
104 Mary Waters 4585-4597 Socialist Workers
105 Michael Taylor 4597-4600 Nationalist Union
(104) Mary Waters 4600-4612 Socialist Workers
106 Alex Stone 4612-4618 Socialist Workers
107 Thomas Jackson 4618-4636 Conservative
108 Allen Thomas 4636-4642 Socialist Workers
109 Julian Nguyen 4642-4650 Democratic Democratic Party reappears in national political scene.
110 Jodi Cunningham 4650-4658 Democratic
111 Wanda Bates 4658-4666 Democratic First Talmorian female president.
112 Tonya Silvia 4666-4674 Democratic
113 Noah Lane 4674-4682 Democratic
114 Micheal Terry 4682-4695 Socialist Workers
115 Micheal Johanson 4695-4696 Social Democrats First Social Democrats President.
116 Matthew Walter 4696-4700 Social Democrats
117 Julia Ward 4700-4704 Socialist Workers
118 John Hamilton 4704-4705 Conservative Republican First Conservative Republican President.
(117) Julia Ward 4705-4715 Socialist Workers
119 Dulce DeLeon 4715-present Party of 1776 First Party of 1776 President.
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