The page is a new page on the history of the Rutanian politics. The page will cover the years starting from 4509, encompassing political parties that existed in the nation overtime, presidents of Rutania, List of Presidents in Rutania will be still needed and it, covering in general elections results. Here will be mostly tables that show statistics, lists of parties and lists of elections years with links to specific years page, describing the elections in few words and statistics.

Political Parties (since 4500)Edit

Party Years from creation until inactivity
Whig Party 4170-4505
Hosian Democratic party of Rutania 4451-4517 4525-present
Democratic Change Movement 4447-4517
Libertarian Party 3920-4503
Rutanian Rural Party 4345-4521
United Democratic Party of Rutania 4197-4523
Democratic Socialist Party of Rutania 3948-present
Liberal Party 4170-4505
Civic Republican League of Rutania 4174-present
New Democratic Labour Party 4170-4505
Liberal/Conservative Democratic Aliance 4517-4522
Rutanian Libertarian Party RLP 4509-present
People's League of Rutania 4517-present
Independence Freedom Alliance(BFI) 4522-present
Rutanian National Congress Party 4522-present

Presidents overtimeEdit

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Elections overtime with legislativesEdit

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Cabinets overtime since 4500Edit

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