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The History of Seleya is generally examined not as a whole, since the continent has never been under the control of a single political entity, but as the stories of individual nations and peoples.

Prehistoric era[]

In the prehistoric era, Seleya was dominated by hunter-gatherer tribes and later by farming villages and communities. As early as 8000 BCE, there is evidence of the existence of settlements in present-day Indrala. Around 5000 BCE, the first communities began to emerge in southern Seleya (modern-day Kanjor and Alduria) in the form of the Numineux Valley Civilisation.


Date Countries Events
8000 BCE Indrala Early settlements.
3000 BCE Lodamun Rise of Andaala (modern Andalay).
2600 BCE Indrala City of Bo'mbei founded. Start of the Eosh period.
2000 BCE Valruzia First evidence of (limited) cereal cultivation.
1600 BCE Lodamun Andaalan civil war.
1175 BCE Kanjor Bendirians invade Zanyal.
1125 BCE Kanjor Zanyal valley conquered.
1076 BCE Kanjor Zanyal and Yewao people decide to move to Tondola Isle.
1015 BCE Kanjor City of Afar founded.
1002 BCE Kanjor Navy destroys Bendirian invasion fleet near Vavalya Island.
1000 BCE Lodamun City states period begins.
1000 BCE Alduria The Bendirian tribes settle in the fertile Zanyal Valley after centuries of warfare.
900 BCE Alduria One of the Bendirian tribes, the Alduri, found the city of Vesidir.
837 BCE Kanjor Count Munodi, crowned King at Afar. Kanjoran re-occupation of the mainland begins.
800 BCE Valruzia First evidence of livestock cultivation.
800 BCE Alduria After a century of fighting the neighboring tribes, the Alturi expand their territory through the whole Zanyal Valley.
753 BCE Kanjor City of Kanjo founded. Kingdom gradually expands until Illyira and Yuacto are conquered.
751 BCE Alduria The City of Mentru on the Bendiri Coast wages war against the Alturi.
745 BCE Alduria The Alturi win the war and gains a swath of the Bendiri region.
700 BCE Alduria Expansion continues; all of Bendiri and part of Mondalat are absorbed.
688 BCE Baltusia Albiopolis founded.
600 BCE Valruzia First evidence of pottery.
560 BCE Indrala Invasion. Start of the Gamuki period.
517 BCE Baltusia Rokkanville founded.
511 BCE Kanjor King Heirolan III deposed by M.Cassius Brutus. First republic founded.
419 BCE Baltusia English introduced.
384 BCE Baltusia Champion founded.
300 BCE Valruzia Appearance of village based societies.
300 BCE Valruzia Permanent settlement of the Ruzians.
29 BCE Kanjor First empire established by Triumvar Cassius I.
7 CE Baltusia House of Acciari conquers and rules.
12 CE Baltusia Maximus Mater founded in Gevaro. It becomes Baltusia's first seat of federal power.
113 CE Indrala Eruption of Mount Shomi. Bo'mbei destroyed. The great burning. Start of the Qin period
145 CE Baltusia 145 Revolution. House of Sukur overthrows Acciaris and rules.
224 CE Baltusia The founding of Port Athos, Athosia is King Clyde II's last act before his death. It becomes the capital of Baltusia.
230 CE Valruzia Council of Nuzria establishes Zuma.
300 CE Valruzia Eight Ruzian border tribes established.
318 CE Baltusia House of Landrin kills Sukurs and rules.
400 CE Valruzia Rise of city-states in Ruzia begins. Gray Volon begin southeast trek.
430 CE Kalistan Vrassan Kingdom begins annexing its neighbors to create the Vrassan Empire.
443 CE Kalistan Ikradon conquers Ananto.
446 CE Gaduridos Ikradon conquers Vintalli.
467 CE Baltusia Capital moved to Champion.
535 CE Baltusia War of the Kalii begins.
540 CE Valruzia Anaz Zir of the Gold Volon establishes the Great Aranhdyat
590 CE Baltusia War of the Kalii ends.
630 CE Indrala First true national government. Start of the Venshi period
636 CE Baltusia In a bloodless coup, House of Diego overthrows Landrins.
640 CE Baltusia University of Baltusia founded.
670 CE Kanjor Fall of first empire
670 CE Valruzia White Volon seek the protection of the Zumans
680 CE Kanjor City states period begins
700 CE Lodamun Angolav and Anralu war, leading to mutual destruction. Rise of Loda.
700 CE Valruzia Ruzian border chiefdoms reach maximum extent. Gray Volon arrive and settle in Dugathon and establish Aranhdyat
740 CE Valruzia Torsala Iander seizes control of Cyarinhnel and begins his empire
742 CE Kalistan Vrassan Empire effectively collapses.
746 CE Valruzia First Arglon Compact
800 CE Lodamun End of the Lodan Empire.
800 CE Valruzia Sea People attack the coastal Arglon and overrun three border states
801 CE Kalistan Collapse of Ikradonian authority gives Ananto and Vintalli independence.
812 CE Valruzia Zumans conquer the Great Volon Aranhdyat
820 CE Kanjor Exarch Patarican XXIV seizes power and founds First Theocracy.
821 CE Kalistan Ananto mops up Vrassan Empire, foundation of the Anantonese Empire and beginning of Anantonese and Vintalli colonization of Kalistan.
845 CE Valruzia Zidorkryu, the Desert Fortress founded by Zumans
861 CE Baltusia House of Oroz kills last Diego and rules.
863 CE Baltusia Morality Tribunal founded.
903 CE Baltusia Orozes murdered. House of Cimirotic rules.
909 CE Baltusia Capital moved back to Maximus Mater.
922 CE Baltusia First War of the Eagles.
942 CE Valruzia Ischant conquers the Great Enemy, Valzadzazna founded
944 CE Indrala Central government loses control. City states take over. Start of the Talmu period
967 CE Likatonia Foundation by King James the Great.
971 CE Baltusia Second War of the Eagles.
992 CE Valruzia Second Arglon Compact, Lesvihd Adiunh founded
1000 CE Lodamun (approx) Rise of Nova Andaala.
1047 CE Baltusia Third War of the Eagles.
1067 CE Kalistan Odoronan Empire of Kalistan established.
1100 CE Valruzia Rise of Mercantilism in Arglon and spread to the border states
1117 CE Baltusia Noble Uprising. House of Charlton loosely rules.
1161 CE Valruzia Aralaman, Hulbark, and Zhaliua defeat Ishchant, ending Ischant Ascendency
1195 CE Indrala Birth of Shuro Dureas
1200 CE Valruzia Spread of Mercantilism into Dugathan.
1203 CE Valruzia Guilds overthrow Arglon governing council and install compliant monarch
1204 CE Kanjor Start of the Holy wars.
1213 CE Indrala Unification of Indrala. Imperial expansion. Start of the Jumun period.
1221 CE Kanjor Exarch Rylanus IV narrowly defeated by council forces
1225 CE Kanjor Council abolishes religious control. Start of second republic.
1232 CE Likatonia Meria invaded and incorporated.
1244 CE Valruzia Hulbark annexes Ishchant
1300 CE Lodamun (approx) Questioning of religion eventually leads to the collapse of the Theocracies.
1309 CE Indrala Start of the Tendai period, the Indralan golden age.
1347 CE Valruzia First Ruzian Union falls through after a dispute over the partition of Aralaman.
1353 CE Valruzia Hulbark annexes Aralaman.
1361 CE Valruzia Hulbark attacks Zhaliua, Arglon establishes protectorate and defeats Hulbark.
1364 CE Baltusia House of Sakho defeats Charltons at Battle of Rokkanville.
1370 CE Valruzia Rale vi'Duirka begins to preach.
1375 CE Valruzia Aranh of the Gray Volon sends punitive expedition against vi'Duirka.
1376 CE Valruzia Duirkaithan (Duirka's Land, later Dugathan) established, Pakgafdozhuyain founded.
1399 CE Valruzia Reformist king of Arglon removed by the guilds, monarchy temporarily ended.
1400 CE Lodamun Start of a Kingdom.
1408 CE Valruzia Expedition to rediscover Valonian homeland sets out from Dugathan, reaches Tirkazidor Arandjat in Zuma in 1411.
1414 CE Valruzia Vurlunians (Bandorra Volon) revolt.
1421 CE Valruzia Dugathan unsuccessfully invades Zuma.
1423 CE Valruzia Arglonese, Dugatine, Bandorran, and Vurlunian irregular forces take Zidorkryu. Zumans sue for peace.
1423 CE Kalistan Anantan conquest of Odorono signals the start of the Anantan Empire of Kalistan.
1425 CE Valruzia Military coup breaks the grip of the guilds in Arglon.
1432 CE Valruzia Ruzian Union established.
1443 CE Valruzia Union of Greater Volonia, Vurlunia renamed Bandorra.
1450 CE Indrala Collapse of the Empire. Start of the Enzo period.
1453 CE Baltusia Construction of the Group of Five completed.
1456 CE Valruzia Valruzian Federation established.
1512 CE Lodamun Kingdom of Andaala.
1520 CE Kanjor Revolution overthrows the council, establishes the National Convention. Start of third republic.
1526 CE Kanjor The Caesarian family gain complete control of the council, and declare the second Empire.
1567 CE Likatonia End of the house of Veria. John I of the House of Bandorra in Valruzia claims the throne, and unsuccessfully attempts to unite the countries when his brother Mark dies.
1689 CE Baltusia Abdication of Sakhos in favour of the House of Riera.
1706 CE Lodamun First Confederation.
1710 CE Baltusia Revenge of Riera.
1744 CE Indrala National government re-established. Start of the Tsurako period.
1748 CE Lodamun Second Confederation.
1758 CE Baltusia The Fracturing completed, leaving Shattered Baltusia.
1758 CE Gaduridos Southern section of the Anantan (Kalistani) Empire is split off as the Vintalli Empire.
1831 CE Baltusia The Unification completed, ending Shattered Baltusia.
1832 CE Kanjor Emporor Resirus II declares and end to the Empire, second Kingdom founded.
1863 CE Baltusia Riera assassination. House of Napoli rules.
1872 CE Lodamun Start of civil war.
1889 CE Lodamun Communist State founded.
1896 CE Indrala Increasing centralism. Start of the Uma'nge period.
1897 CE Likatonia A republican revolution succeeded, but shortly thereafter a Liberal Counterrevolution occurred. Royal family exiled to Valruzia.
1900 CE Baltusia Physics Age begins.
1906 CE Lodamun Third confederation.
1923 CE Baltusia Physics Age ends.
1938 CE Indrala First communist revolution. Start of the Komudo period.
1949 CE Kanjor Assembly formally ends the Monarchy. Royal houses form a government-in-exile in the city of Solion.
1957 CE Kanjor Founding of the fourth republic.
1968 CE Baltusia Tejana Ban.
1979 CE Baltusia Labour Day Massacre.
1984 CE Indrala Transistion to state capitalism. Start of the Shinohe period.
2031 CE Indrala Second communist revolution. Start of the Mengumo period.
2039 CE Kalistan Civil War ends, Federal Republic of Kalistan reestablished.
2039 CE Baltusia Particracy Revolution.
2043 CE Gaduridos First free elections.
2058 CE Lodamun PACF Rebellion begins.
2065 CE Gad., Kal. Start of Kalistan/Gaduridos War.
2067 CE Lodamun PACF rebellion ends with the Seven Point Peace Plan.
2068 CE Gad., Kal. Invasion of Marligantos.
2073 CE Baltusia Crimson Entente.
2076 CE Indrala Particracy revolution. Foundation of the modern state. Start of the Asen period.
2081 CE Baltusia Capital moved to Champion.
2088 CE Bal., Lod. Lodamun Weapons Crisis.
2097 CE Likatonia Restoration of the house of Bandorra. The republic becomes a constitutional mornarchy.
2101 CE Baltusia Capital city moved to the newly founded Rootianville.
2115 CE Kanjor Kanjoran Imperial party gain a majority.
2118 CE Kanjor Third empire established.
2141 CE Lodamun Deltaria invades Lodamun.
2145 CE Baltusia Violet Revolution
2148 CE Kanjor Empire overthrown, Fifth republic established.
2151 CE Lodamun Ceasefire declared with Deltaria.
2159 CE Seleya Terra War I