ჰობრაცურ ენაზე Hobratsur enaze
Native speakers60 million  (4815)
Language family
Hobrazian (language isolate)
Writing systemHobrazian (OOC Georgian) alphabet
Official status
Official language inHobrazia
Language codes
ISO 639-3Hob

Hobrazian (ჰობრაცურ ენაზე, Hobratsur enaze) is a language spoken primarily by the Hobrazian people and principally in Hobrazia. Hobrazian is the country's sole official language and has its own distinct writing system, known as the Hobrazian script. In the past the Hobrazian language was believed to be related to the languages of northern Majatra or the Kalopian language however the academic consensus is that it is a language isolate.

Hobrazian script seems to be unrelated to any other writing system

The literary tradition of the Hobrazian language is rich and varied, dating back to at least the fifth century. Preservation of the written and spoken language has been supported by its status as the liturgical language of the Hobrazian Orthodox Church for millennia. The written form of the Hobrazian language has no "upper case".

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