ჰობრაცურ ენაზე Hobratsur enaze
Language family
Hobrazian (language isolate)
Writing systemHobrazian (OOC Georgian) alphabet
Official status
Official language inHobrazia
Language codes
ISO 639-3Hob

Hobrazian (ჰობრაცურ ენაზე, Hobratsur enaze) is the native language of the Hobrazians and the official language of Hobrazia, a country in south-eastern Artania.

Hobrazian is not related to any language, although it has been hypothesized it is a part of the Rhaetan language family.

The Hobrazian language has a rich literary tradition dating back to the fifth century. Hobrazian is also the liturgical language of the Hobrazian Orthodox Church.

Hobrazian alphabet

The Hobrazian alphabet seems to be unrelated to any other writing system

Alternate Flag Hobrazia 1 Hobrazian Republic
Astoria City (capital)
History History of HobraziaLand Wars of HobraziaBattle of TnakaThree Nation Territorial And Economic AllianceHobrazia-Keymon-Likatonia United Left FrontFirst Darnussian Civil WarImperial Hobrazian Protectorate of Independent DarnussiaSecond Imperial Republic of HobraziaWar of Luthori SuccessionDarnussian-Hobrazian Border ConflictSecond Darnussian Civil WarHobrazian ImperiumMalivian-Gaduri War
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Former Parties We Say So! PartyCapitalist Party of HobraziaHobrazian Peoples PartyClyrvská DynastiaPopular Front for Democratic SocialismChristian Socialist PartyFirst Party of Hobrazia
Military Hobrazian Armed Forces
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