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Holy Luthori Church is a political and religious movement driven by Hosian fundamentalism in the Holy Luthorian Empire.

The party is organised in a church-like way, its leaders being elected Popes and its ministers being Cardinals.

It was founded in 4616 as a political party. Gaining 14.23% of the votes at its second election in 4619, the party participated or provided confidence and supply to governmental coalition from 4619 until 4624 and from 4626 until 4633. After 13 years in the opposition from 4632 until 4635, the HLC participated in governments from 4646 until 4653.

In 4655, the party gained an historic 40 % of the votes and formed an HLC minority government: the Pope William's Cabinet II. 5 years later, after trying to transform Luthori into an authoritarian theocratic state, the party lost almost half of its voters in the 4660 election, although the HLC stayed the first party. After that, other parties maintained a policy not to cooperate with the HLC, which was described as an extremist party. This policy held until 4675 when the Pope William's Cabinet III was formed.

Two years, later, after the electoral defeat of the party in 4677, the HLC decided to step out of the political field and concentrated on being a religious organisation instead of a political party.

The HLC regularly managed to pass reactionary laws prohibiting alcohol and tobacco with the support of other far-right parties, before those laws were repealed a few years later.

The policies of the parties are described as fundamentalist, authoritarian, pro-empire and sometimes fascist. The party has been the main far-right political movement during its existence from 4619 until 4677. Its leaders were elected 11 times Imperator and the party gained the first position in 12 elections.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Holy Luthori Church was founded in 4616 by Pope Brandon I. The party's structure is organized in a church like way and its leader is known as the Pope. Other high-ranking members within the HLC are known as Cardinals.

Leadership of Pope Brandon I (4616-4623) Edit

The party makes a surprise at the 4619 election, when it reaches 14.23 % of the votes and becomes the fourth party in Luthori. The party maintains its results after the August 4619 election.

Governmental participation (4619-4624) Edit

After the election, the Conservative Right invites the party to join a Urquhart Cabinet II, which they did. The HLC gained 3 ministerial posts, with the Interior Ministry. The CPL is banned in 4720 and an early election is called in November. The HLC manages increases its vote share to 20 %

In 4621, the HLC formed a government with the National Democratic Alliance, known as the Holy Imperial Cabinet I lead by Pope Brandon I. It lasted only 5 months because of the internal conflict within the NDA and their eventual split into the Social Democratic Party and the Imperial Citizens Party. The HLC later participates in the successor government known as the Stinson Cabinet, which is the last government of the Republic of Luthori. The country is renamed Holy Luthorian Empire.

After the end of the Republic in 4622, the HLC forms with both of the former NDA parties, the Holy Imperial Cabinet II, which is heavily synonymous with their authoritarian policies, like the attempt to ban both the Communist Party of Luthori and the Partei der Grünen Populisten, as well as to arrest their party leaderships. This event in commonly known as the 4622 Diet Coup Attempt. Following the coup, an early election is called in 4622 and sees the HLC losing seats for the first time, although it stay the second political force.

Other early elections are called in 4623 and 4624 following the difficulties concerning the government formation and the dissolution of the Conservative Right. The party receives 14.48 % of the votes in 4623 and is relegated to the third position before surging again in 4624 and becoming the second political force again. The Holy Imperial Cabinet II stays in power until the formation of the Daeva Cabinet I.

Leadership of Pope John I (4623-4644) Edit

John I becomes the new "Pope" of the party in 4623.

In the opposition (4624-4626) Edit

The party stays in the opposition with the Communist Party from 4624 until 4626. IN 4626, following the unreliability of the SDP to provide support and confidence to the Daeva I Cabinet, the HLC is asked to provide supply and confidence. The HLC responded by saying that they would accept if a "Mutual Friendship Agreement" would be signed between the HLC and the Patriots Party. They accepted. On the 1 August 4626 the 'Reconciliation Agreement of Friendship Between the HLC and PP' was signed.

Providing confidence and supply (4626-4629) Edit

In August 4626, the party organised a "million march" in the streets of Luthori. However, after the general strikes due to the illegalization of strikes by the government, the march turned into clashes with the communist and trade unionists.

In the 4628 Luthorian Parliamentary Election, the HLC lost votes and became the third party of the country with 15.28 % of the votes.

Daeva Cabinet II (4629-4633) Edit

Following negotiations, the Daeva Cabinet II is formed with the HLC holding 3 ministerial posts. THe ministry of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The cabinet is known for its "moral laws" created by the HLC, banning alcohol and pornography. Also, paramilitary organizations were created and approved by the government. The HLC managed the Holy Guard inside the National Defence Forces. They regularly clashed with the communist militants, who were officially not allowed to form a paramilitary organization.

In 4632, the HLC made the worst results of its history since it entered the parliament in 4619, gaining only 14 % of the votes.

In the opposition (4632-4645) Edit

The party was back in the opposition in 4632. The authoritarian laws of the HLC were removed during the Franklin III Cabinet.

First party of Luthori (4635-4645)

In June 4635, the party gains for the first time the first position, before the Communist Party, with 19.68 % of the votes.The party maintains its results in October 4635 and in 4638. The same year, Pope John I wins the Imperatorial Election.

In May 4639, the party decides to provide confidence and supply to the Kingston Cabinet I. In 4640, after the party finally told its conditions for the supply and confidence to the Kingston Cabinet I, the PP decides to withdraw from the coalition by voting a No-Confidence motion by the LDP.

In the 4640 election, the HLC stays the first party, not winning or losing any seats. The Imperator John I is re-elected. The communists nonetheless manage to form the Hopkins I Cabinet, leaving the HLC in the opposition.

Leadership of Pope Brandon II (4644-4653) Edit

At the 4644 election, the party makes its best result of all times with 25.65 % of the votes. Pope Brandon II was elected Imperator. Folllowing the failure of the negotiations, another early election is called in 4645. The party loses votes and becomes the second party of the country. Pope Brandon II is re-elected. The HLC joins the Sanders Cabinet, with the LDP and CP, which had previously refused to join a coalition with the HLC.

Sanders cabinet (4646-4649) Edit

The party manages to pass a law prohibiting the use and sale of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis. Cardinal II also becomes Prime Minister from 4648 until 4649. Protests are sucessfully handled during the legislature.

In 4649, the party continues to decline and reaches 18.07% of the votes. Pope Brandon II is not re-elected.

Pope William's Cabinet I (4649-4653) Edit

Pope William I becomes the prime minister of Luthori. Despite being led by the HLC, this cabinet sees the legalisation of alcohol and tobacco without the HLC leaving the cabinet. A sale tax is also introduced on essential goods.

The Pope William's Cabinet loses the support of the PP and ICP, which leads to an early election in 4651. The government partner CP dissolves just after the election, leaving the HLC alone in government.

Leadership of Pope William I (4653-4677) Edit

In opposition (4653-4655) Edit

A second early election is called in 4653 following a political crisis that lasted two years. Pope William I is elected Imperaor. The HLC maintains its second position but the Jackson-Wright Cabinet is formed, ending the minority government of Pope William.

Electoral success and Pope William's Cabinet II (4655-4660) Edit

In the 4655 early election, the party makes the highest score of its history with more than 40 % of the votes. Pope William I is re-elected. This election is called the "Black day" by politicians and left-wing medias and is compared to the 4578 election. This very high share of votes for the HLC. is sometimes explained by the increasing political instability.

The party forms the Pope William's Cabinet II with the center-left SDP providing support and confidence.

The HLC manages to pass ultra-conservative religious reforms with the support of the ICP and White Rose. The country is in transition towards becoming an authoritarian theocratic state. The cabinet made adultery a capital offense, allowed child labour, imposed a religious dress code, made membership in the Holy Luthori Church (the reliogion, not the party) mandatory, banned advertising and pornography among other reactionary laws.

In the 4660 election, the party loses more than half the votes it gained at the previous election (-21 %), showing massive disapproval for the government policies. It is an electoral defeat for the HLC-led government but the HLC stays the first party. The Pope William I is re-elected. Following the will of other parties not to enter in a coalition with the HLC, the party sits in the opposition from 4660.

In the opposition (4660-4675) Edit

In 4662, following the fall of the Stinson Cabinet II caused by the rallying of the AUP to the HLC, an early election is called. The party's share of the vote increases by 6% and it gains 33 seats, comforting its first place. Pope William I is re-elected. During this legislature, most of the HLC reforms are removed.

In 4665, the party wins 13 seats and receives 27.32 % of the votes, increasing its vote share again. Pope William I is re-elected for a fifth time. Despite being part of the opposition, HLC reforms are passed in April 4666 with the support of the ICP, White Rose and the AUP. Tobacco, alcohol, adultery and prostitution become illegal while religious codes are imposed.

In 4666, Pope William II is not re-elected by a close margin in the imperatorial election. The party also loses a few seats after the election, while staying the first party.

In 4670, the party loses 2.45 % of the votes and becomes the second party. It is the first time since 4653 that the HLC doesn't gain the first place.

In 4674, he party manages to win the imperatorial election with Pope William I once more. The party increases its vote share significantly, gaining the first place again with 27.98 % of the votes.

Pope William's Cabinet III (4675-4677) Edit

The HLC forms the Pope William's Cabinet III in April 4675 with the ICP.

Following the dissolution of More Artania, an early election was called in 4677. The HLC loses votes, only gaining 28 seats out of 150 but stays the first party. Following this electoral defeat, the party seizes its political activities to become a non-political organisation.

Non-political organisation (4677-4736) Edit

The HLC decided to quit politics in 4677 and become a religious non-political movement. The Holy Luthori Church conserved its church-like structure with Popes and Cardinal. It also conserved its political positions and a part of its influence, without participating in elections. Pope Edward I, II and III were sucessively the leaders of the HLC.

Resumption of political activities (4736-4739) Edit

Under the new leadership of Pope William II, the Holy Luthori Church decides to run again as a party for the 4739 election as the successive right-wing to far-right cabinets that governed the country for the last 60 years have not fulfilled their promises.

Already being famous organisation, the HLC has no problem entering the Diet in the 4739 election with 12.07 % of the votes. With 25.45 % of the votes in Orange, the party becomes the first political force in the historically left-wing duchy.

In the opposition (4739-today) Edit

A political crisis takes place after the election. The HLC runs again in the 4740 election and improves its results to reach 22.17 % of the votes, becoming the second party of the country. The HLC becomes the first party in Northriding and Erneshire while keeping their first position in Orange. In the two other duchies, the results of the HLC are significantly lower despite an increasing vote share.

The other parties nonetheless decide not to enter in a coalition with the HLC, due to the extreme positions of the party. Therefore, in November 4740, the Jackson II Cabinet is formed with the Liberal Party.

The HLC manages to pass a reform at night without anyone knowing about it. This reform is repelled a few weeks after.

In the 4745 General Election, the HLC gains 18.41 % of the votes, a decrease of 3.76 %. The party becomes the third political force in Luthori. Duchies elections were also re-implemented and held at the same date. The HLC won two governors. One in Northriding, Archbishop III elected with 26.93 % of the votes and one in Orange, Archbishop II elected with 32.92 % of the votes. Despite the good results in some duchies, the other parties still kept their promise not to form a coalition with the HLC.

Electoral Results Edit

Parliamentary elections Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Position Government
4617 44,879 0.07 New
0 / 600
New 7th In opposition
4619 9,222,635 14.23 Increase 14.16 %
84 / 600
Increase 84 4th In opposition
Aug.4619 8,998,965 14.32 Increase 0.09 %
84 / 600
Increase 0 4th Urquhart II
4620 12,841,024 20.29 Increase 5.97 %
123 / 600
Increase 37 2nd HIC, Stinson, HIC II
4622 10,758,304 16.29 Decrease 4.00 %
98 / 601
Decrease 25 2nd Holy Imperial Cabinet II
4623 9,464,507 14.48 Decrease 1.81 %
86 / 601
Decrease 12 3rd Holy Imperial Cabinet II
4624 13,018,550 19.80 Increase 5.32 %
119 / 601
Increase 33 2nd In opposition
4628 9,665,290 15.28 Decrease 4.51 %
91 / 601
Decrease 28 3rd Daeva Cabinet II
4632 9,044,072 14.00 Decrease 1.28 %
83 / 600
Decrease 8 3rd In opposition
4635 12,944,445 19.68 Increase 5.68 %
120 / 600
Increase 37 1st In opposition
Oct.4635 14,110,096 21.64 Increase 1.95 %
133 / 600
Increase 13 1st In opposition
4638 13,989,782 21.06 Decrease 0.57 %
127 / 600
Decrease 6 1st (C&S) to the Kinston I
4640 13,857,933 21.13 Increase 0.07 %
127 / 600
Increase 0 1st In opposition
4644 16,640,741 25.65 Increase 4.52 %
155 / 600
Increase 28 1st In opposition
4645 13,477,956 21.36 Decrease 4.29 %
130 / 600
Decrease 25 2nd Sanders Cabinet
4649 11,871,502 18.07 Decrease 3.29 %
109 / 600
Decrease 21 2nd Pope William's Cabinet
4651 12,323,921 18.15 Increase 0.08 %
108 / 600
Decrease 1 2nd Pope William's Cabinet
4653 12,301,634 18.48 Increase 0.33 %
111 / 600
Increase 3 2nd In opposition
4655 25,636,003 40.06 Increase 21.57 %
203 / 500
Increase 92 1st Pope William II
4660 11,924,790 18.86 Decrease 21.20 %
95 / 500
Decrease 108 1st In opposition
4662 15,914,716 24.89 Increase 6.03 %
128 / 500
Increase 33 1st In opposition
4665 17,344,909 27.32 Increase 2.43 %
141 / 500
Increase 13 1st In opposition
4666 16,444,618 24.75 Decrease 2.57 %
125 / 500
Decrease 16 1st In opposition
4670 14,050,296 22.30 Decrease 2.45 %
111 / 500
Decrease 14 2nd In opposition
4674 18,325,436 27.98 Increase 5.68 %
44 / 150
Decrease 67 1st Pope William III
4677 11,150,839 18.44 Decrease 9.55 %
28 / 150
Decrease 16 1st Pope William III
Resumption of political activities
4739 7,608,648 12.07 New
18 / 150
Increase 18 3rd In opposition
4740 13,946,232 22.17 Increase 10.10 %
34 / 150
Increase 16 2nd In opposition
4745 11,670,374 18.41 Decrease 3.76 %
27 / 150
Decrease 7 3rd In opposition
4747 11,849,553 17.91 Decrease 0.50 %
27 / 150
Decrease 0 2nd In opposition
4748 11,139,333 17.19 Decrease 0.72 %
27 / 150
Decrease 0 3rd In opposition
4749 9,420,263 15.46 Decrease 2.08 %
103 / 650
Increase 76 2nd In opposition
September 4749 12,865,018 19.78 Increase 4.02 %
128 / 650
Increase 25 2nd In opposition

Regional elections Edit

Date Seats Governors Cabinets
139 / 500
0 / 5
0 / 5
148 / 500
5 / 5
5 / 5
1 / 5
1 / 5
143 / 500
0 / 5
0 / 5
126 / 500
3 / 5
3 / 5
92 / 500
2 / 5
0 / 5
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