The Holy Luthori Emperor is the title of a male monarch of the Holy Luthori Empire. As the current monarch is a woman, who was already married to an Emperor but wished to downsize the Luthori Royal Family, she uses the title Queen of the Luthori. Mary was crowned on 1 June 2566, after the death of her father William III, Holy Luthori Emperor and a peace deal between the loyalists and remaining republicans after the Purge of Communism.

House of Adlerberg, Orange-Villayn branchEdit

HIH Emperor Gustavus IV, Duke of Adlerberg

Duchy of UtagiaEdit

HRH The Duke of Utagia

The Rt Hon The 1st Baron Wrangel of Oalapo

Duchy of GeharonEdit

His Grace The Duke of Geharon

Duchy of YodukanEdit

The Rt Hon The Viscount Hopkins of Northminster

Duchy of TinakoEdit

His Grace The Duke of Tinako

The Rt Hon The Earl of Randamar


Mary, By the Grace of God, Queen of the Luthori, Empress of Alduria, Princess of Orange, Defender of the Faith, &c.

This is often abbreviated: Her Imperial Majesty Empress Mary, Queen of the Luthori.

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