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ChairmanHüsniye Tiryaki
Deputy chairKemal Kubilay Pashata
FounderKasım Ruşen Solak


Economic Semi-Liberalism
Political positionRight
Colours     Green


Seats in the Assembly
225 / 600
District governorates
2 / 5

The Homeland (Turjak: Vatan) is a political party in Jakania.

The Homeland was founded in year 4949 by poet Kasım Ruşen Solak, law professor Mümine Evren Teke and surgeon Abdüllatif Barış. Movement is based on ideas of right-wing nationalism and conservatism.


4949 elections[]

The first elections, that Vatan participated in, was the 4949 Jakanian elections. Vatan won big with more than 94% of votes winning 552 seats in Cumhuriyet Meclisi and gaining the presidential seat for Chairman of Vatan, Kasım Ruşen Solak. After becoming President Kasım R. Solak resigned for the Chairman office following the law and Abdüllatif Barış was elected. Mümine Evren Teke became Prime Minister. Abdüllatif Barış pledged to continue in the politics on President Solak, but has chnaged official logo and official colours of the movement.

4951 elections[]

post-election situation[]

Despite winning the elections Vatan lost more 200 seats in the parliament and many members of the movement thought, that Chairman Abdüllatif Barış is the one to blame. Vote of confidence was held. Barış survived this vote just by 2 % with 51 % of members voted for him to stay and 49 % voted him to leave. One of the advocates for removal of Chairman Barış was the Prime Minister Teke.

4953 Razarcık congress[]

On 19th of August 4953 party congress was held in Razarcık. Chairman Barış was challenged by Prime Minister Teke and defeated with 73 % of votes for Teke and 27 % for Barış. Mehmed Burakgazi, Governor of Bureniye Bölge, was elected 1st Vice-Chairman without opponent. Freshly elected Chairwomen Teke promised cabinet reconstruction after next elections and removal of Minister Barış from the Government.

4954 elections[]

Vatan won the election again. The Homeland won 3 district as in the previous elections but failed to win the popular vote. Majority of Vatan has shortened to just two seats (301-299). President Solak has lost to candidate of the opposition.

No vote of confidence was held as Prime Minister received declaration of full support from all of Vatan’s Governors and Ministers.

4956 Bahçeleri Congress[]

Chairwomen Teke was confirmed as Movement's candidatete for Prime Minister. Candidate for President elections were held with three candidates:

  • Abdüllatif Barış, former Chairman, former Minister of Health, MP
  • Amine Terzi, public school teacher, MP
  • Bünyamin Yılmaz, farmer
No 1st 2nd endorsements
Barış 24% -
Terzi 39% 59% Barış
Yılmaz 37% 41%

Amine Terzi won the nomination in the 2nd round.

4957 elections[]

Movement celebrated first regains of seats and breaking the series of losses of percents and seats. Vatan regained the Presidency too with Amine Terzi being elected President and defeating the incumbent from KHP. Position of Chairwomen and Prime Minister Teke strengthened within the movement.

4959 Mehmediye Congress[]

Chairwomen Teke announced that she will not run for the position again and that she will not lead Vatan in the upcoming elections, because of that Chairman electiones were held with following candidates:

  • Abdüllatif Barış, former Chairman, former Minister of Health, MP
  • Amine Terzi, President of Jakania, former MP
  • Mehmed Burakgazi, Governor of Bureniye, ViceChairman of Vatan
  • Yiannis Christoforos Metaxas, Governor of Sonat
  • Hüsniye Tiryaki, Minister of Justice, MP
Name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th endorsements
Barış 4% - - -
Terzi 25% 19% - - A. Barış
Burakgazi 19% 21% 11% -
Metaxas 28% 32% 47% 49%
Tiryaki 24% 28% 42% 51% A. Terzi, M. Burakgazi

Hüsniye Tiryaki won in the 4th round becoming new Chairwoman of Vatan. This election was followed by election of Presidential Nominee, as Amine Terzi, who was defeated in the Chairperson-election, announced that she is not running again, with candidates:

  • Şemsettin Kundakçı, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Yiannis Christoforos Metaxas, Governor of Sonat

Yiannis Ch. Metaxas won with 78% of all votes to 22% for Ş. Kundakçı.

4960 elections[]

Vatan lost the majority and lost one of its three regions. Bureniye region was lost, region where ViceChairman Burakgazi was Governor. ViceChairman Burakgazi resignated day after the elections. New ViceChairman was not elected but named by the Chairwomen, gallery director and Minister of Education nominee Kemal Kubilay Pashata was named. No other politician resigned, instead the same candidates were confirmed for the next elections.

Tyriaki Reforms[]

After loosing the 4960 elections Chairwoman Tyriaki decided to reform and modernize the movement, to change its direction. First of all logo of the movement was changed. Structure of the party of the party has changed as Tyriaki got rid of conservative radicals within the party. Religious conservatives and most conservative forces within the party were expelled from the party so the party can become more moderate movement for the masses. (For example Şemsettin Demir, former Minister of Health, or Seyyid Reşat Bakasiri, Chairman of Akadası regional organisation.)

4965 elections[]

Vatan gained couple of seats after the elections but the party-base was dissatisfied about the outcome and blamed Tyriaki for gaining not enough seats. Because of that Hüsniye Tyriaki convened special party congress to elect new party leadership.

4956 İmir Congress[]

Chairwoman Hüsniye Tyriaki resigned for the Chairperson-seat so election of the new Chairperson were held. These elcetions were perceived as movement-referendum about the direction of the movement. Whether Vatan should go in direction seculiarized and moderate movement or in direction of more nationalistic and conservative movement. candidates:

  • Seyyid Reşat Bakasiri, former Chairman of Akadası regional organisation
  • Alaattin Kartasii jr., Governor of Akadası, son of Alaattin Kartasii (former Governor of Akadası, MP)
  • Kemal Kubilay Pashata, Vatan ViceChairman
  • Binyamin Ilham Saqqaf, businessman, economy professor
  • Effimia Uzunhasan, Bureniye regional MP, lawyer
Name 1st 2nd 3rd endorsements
Bakasiri 3% - -
Uzunhasan 6% 1% - A. Barış
Pashata 26% 26% 2%
Kartasii jr. 35% 39% 40% S. R. Bakasiri, Ş. Demir
Saqqaf 30% 34% 58% M. E. Teke, A. Terzi


List of chairpersons[]

No Name


Took office Left office Elected Original occupation Gender
1 Kasım Ruşen Solak 19th July 4949 1st January 4950 4949 Founding Congress poet M
- Muharrem Baret 1st January 4950 14th January 4950 interim leader teacher, mayor M
2 Abdüllatif Barış 14th January 4950 19th August 4953 4950 Special Congress surgeon M
3 Mümine Evren Teke 19th August 4953 20th January 4959 4953 Razarcık Congress Prime Minister, law professor F
4 Hüsniye Tiryaki 20th January 4959 4th February 4956 4959 Mehmediye Congress Minister of Justice F
5 Binyamin Ilham Saqqaf 4th February 4965 incumbent 4956 İmir Congress businessman, economy professor M

List of deputy chairs[]

No Name


Took office Left office Elected Original occupation Gender
1 Mümine Evren Teke 19th July 4949 19th August 4953 4949 Founding Congress law professor F
2 Mehmed Burakgazi 19th August 4953 15th December 4959 4953 Razarcık Congress Bureniye Governor M
- Lütfi Bashaazi 15th December 4959 25th December 4959 interim ViceChairman MP M
3 Kemal Kubilay Pashata 25th December 4959 incumbent named by Chairwoman gallery director M

Election results[]

Parliamentary elections[]

Election Leader Seats Vote Outcome
4949 general election Mümine Evren Teke
552 / 600
Increase 552 92% 40,520,278 94,79 Government
4951 Jakanian general election Mümine Evren Teke
351 / 600
Decrease201 52.8% 16,379,559 52,86 Government
4954 Jakanian general election Mümine Evren Teke
301 / 600
Decrease50 50.17% 16,565,892
48.43% Government
4957 Jakanian general election Mümine Evren Teke
362 / 600
Increase 62 60.33% 20,701,878 60.08% Government
4960 Jakanian general election Hüsniye Tyriaki
225 / 600
Decrease137 37,5% 14,327,115 37,18% Opposition

Presidential elections[]

Election Candidate Vote Outcome
4949 general election Kasım Ruşen Solak 40,924,257 94,04% 1st - won
4951 Jakanian general election Kasım Ruşen Solak 17,465,499 54.30% 1st - won
4954 Jakanian general election Kasım Ruşen Solak 16,234,289 47.49% 2nd - lost
4957 Jakanian general election Amine Terzi 21,381,182 59.83% 1st - won
4960 Jakanian general election Yiannis Ch. Metaxas 14,476,351 38,94% 2nd - lost




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