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Hosian democracy is a political ideology that advocates for a commitment to social market principles and qualified interventionism, conceived as a combination of modern democratic ideas and traditional Hosian values. Different forms of Hosian democracy draw upon different theological and political traditions, ranging from Patriarchal social teachings, Luthoran philosophers, as well as recognising the Annunciation, to some extent, as providing guidance for political action.

For this reason, Hosian democracy can take highly diverse forms, ranging from centre-left Hosian Democracy based on liberation theology to centre-right Hosian democracy. Modern Hosian democratic parties tend to be communitarian, conservative and moderate, and tend to emphasise values.

Most Hosian democratic parties are secular in that they also admit members from other faiths, and are officially organised on the basis of a number of ideological principles inspired by the scripture (which they point out shares a lot of principles with other faiths) rather than directly on the scripture itself.

Prominent Hosian Democratic parties include Hulstria and Gao-Soto's Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund and Deltaria's Conservative Democratic Union. The Hosian Democratic International is the international party organisation of Hosian Democratic parties.