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House of Mede
Head of Family Set I
Founded Family: 24st Century BC, Monarchy: 3388
Family Palace Mede Summer House, Sekhmet, Barmenia
Nation Barmenia
Religion Lionist Felinism
Selucian Patriarchal Church
Colors Scarlet & Gold
Motto Sol Invictus
("The Unconquerable Sun")

The Imperial House of Mede is the former royal dynasty of Barmenia. Originally a cadet branch of the baronial House Xarfaxis from Shadar in Selucia, the Mede's have adopted many Brmék customs and the Felinist religion, although most members are still fluent in the Selucian language.

Popular myths among Barmenia's rural Lionist Felinist claim that the House are direct descendent of Terek the Bullslayer, although there is hardly any proof to back up this claim. However - this has led to the Mede Shahs/Queens being given popular nicknames as Lions and Lionesses.

Mede Sovereigns of Barmenia[]

Sacred Feline Empire of Barmenia (3389-3409)[]

Image Name Nickname Reign
Mede.jpg Livius I The Young Lion 3389-3409

Barmenian Felinist Republic (3503-)[]

Image Name Nickname Reign
20575.jpg Juliana I The Invincible Lioness 3503-3542
X75d.png Nour I The Iron Lioness 3617-3638
Minos.jpg Set I The Conquering Lion 3645-