Country Barmenistan, Zardugal, Deltaria and Noumonde.
Ancestral house Gebar'u (claimed)
Titles King of Barmenia, King of Arakhim (subsidiary title); King of Cildania (claimed), King of Hebilon (claimed); Emperor/Empress of Zardugal, King/Queen of the Augustans, King/Queen of the Mallans; Czar of West Deltaria. (Briefly) Czar of Deltaria.
Style(s) His Grace, the King of Barmenia (Female: Her Grace, the Queen of Barmenia) (Barmenistan); His/her Majesty the Emperor/Empress (Zardugal). His Majesty the Czar (Deltaria).
Founder King Eksandr of Barmenia
Final sovereign Henry, King of Barmenia (4262)
Current head None declared.
Founding 3877 (as a subsidary ruling house); 3899 (as the Royal House of Barmenistan)
Deposition Briefly for a ten year period from 3937 to 3947; restored formally in 3949. Final deposition in 4262
Cadet branches House of Nasir-Volkov (Deltaria).
Ethnicity Kathuran
Religion Reformed Hosian (during the reformation); Eastern Hosian (Barmenistan, Zardugal and Deltaria). Aurorian Patriarchalism (from 4244-4262).
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The House of Nasir was the Royal House of Barmenistan during the Kingdom of Barmenia. Claiming descent from the Kings of Arakhim, it rose to modern prominence under the leadership of King Eksandr in the 3800's, first under the Alexandrian Regency and then under his direct rule.

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