House of Aynako

Aynako Coat of Arms

Founding 2813
Founder Queen Gloria I
Head of House
Primary Titles

King of Tukarali

Family Palaces

Emerald Palace

Religion Lutheran/Buddhist

The House of Aynako is the main royal family of Tukarali and cadet branch of the House of Rothingren-Traugott. The House of Aynako came into existence in 2813 with a royalist and conservative uprising in politics after the return of the National Conservative Party. The New NCP, led by Hulstrian Gao-Showa, Kyuma Naruhito, backed the House of Aynako and promoted its claim as the Monarchy of Tukarali.

The founder of the House of Aynako is Gloria of Tukarali, a Lutheran Tukarese. Gloria's parents were Buddhists, as well as her two siblings.

Queen Gloria I officially took power on September 7, 2835 with the creation of the Democratic Kingdom of Tukarali. In 2868 the monarchy was dismantled by Solidarity Action Republican Party and Tukarali descended back into extreme isolation. During this period the nation also became victim of minority rule and slavery was imposed against the Tukarese and Gao-Showa. Instances of Tukarese nationalism arose and political parties of this ideology quickly gained power. After long fierce debate a dual monarchy was created on November 5, 2898 under King Christian I and King Cain I. Neither of these monarchs though, were from the House of Aynako. This monarchy would collapse in 2943, and for a second time Tukarali became an isolationist state under the SARP. Briefly in the mid-2900s a major movement did arise to restore the monarchy, but it was short lived and never gained enough power to make a change.

Currently the House of Aynako holds the recognized claim to the throne of Tukarali, and the claimant is Prince Constantine. There are minor unrecognized claimants as well, the most notable being those that claim to descendants of Princess Valerie, who held a very private life and had little known about her marriage or children.

The House of Aynako holds significant status Sekowo as a part of the Ishida Dynasty. The current Emperor of Sekowo, Kenji Ishida, is the grandson of King Jaden I. Further, Jaden's great-granddaughter is Empress of Indrala.

Family Tree Edit

Aynako Family Tree

Aynako Family Tree

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