Royal House of Barbossa

The Coat of Arms for the Royal House of Barbossa.

House of Barbossa Edit

The House of Barbossa emerged as a political force around 2408. At this time known as 'the Whig Party'. The party was lead by Hector Barbossa I, a privateer and aristocrat. The Barbossa family remained prominent in the party, even through many changes in leadership and shifting ideologies.

The Barbossa family slipped into the background for many centuries, focusing upon their banking businesses "The Barbossa Banking Group" (BBG) as well as their media group, Barbossa Media (which includes Barbbossanova records).

Under the leadership of Victoria Barbossa, the party returned to prominence and began an election campaign in 3336.

Upon the death of King Peter I of Kazulia, Victoria, the head of the House of Barbossa, was asked to be Queen of Kazulia due to her relation to the line which had failed to produce an heir.

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