House of Demitreus


Colours of the House of Demitreus

Founding 3352
Founder Joseph Demitreus (Joseph I of Lourenne)
Head of House
  • Emperor Oscar IV (Lourenne)
  • High King-in-exile Guillaume (Rildanor)
  • Emperor of Lourenne
  • High King of Rildanor
  • King of Telamon
  • King of Cobura and Etnestro of All Augustans
Extant Cadet Branches
  • House of Salquelantis
  • House of Ardanne-Kara
  • House of Lossehelin
  • House of Valeria
  • House of Maraton
Extinct Cadet Branches
  • House of Regbo
  • House of Avaron
  • House of Maron

The House of Demitreus is the reigning family of Rildanor and Lourenne and a former reigning family of Telamon and Cobura.


In the 3350s, the journeyman and warrior Joseph Demitreus led a company of nomads and their families, including his brothers Oscar and Louis, and his sisters Caroline and Lucia, to Lourenne. In 3352, after conquering the country, Joseph's band of soldiers proclaimed him Emperor Joseph I of Lourenne. Joseph reigned well until his deposition in a coup in 3364, but his grandson and namesake was restored as Joseph II in the year 3400. After a tumultuous quarter-century, Emperor Marcus I was thrown from power in 3425 and the Demitreus family began their 63-year exile from Lourenne.

During this time, the post of High King of Rildanor became vacant, but the Rildanorian parties desired to retain the monarchy, toying with the idea of an elective monarchy for a while. In the year 3455, Joseph III became Emperor-in-exile of Lourenne, and urged his cousin, Duke Philip of Louives, to put his name forward for the role. This proposal was enthusiastically supported by the Rildanorian parties, and they acclaimed Duke Philip as High King Philip I of Rildanor, founding a new branch of Demetrei rule.

In 3488, the House of Demitreus was restored once more in Lourenne under Emperor Joseph IV.

In 3511, Prince Paul-Thomas of Oscandir, the nephew of Emperor Louis II, was acclaimed as King Thomas of Telamon, but was overthrown in 3540.

In 3531, Emperor Louis II was overthrown and killed in a bloody coup led by General Jean-Baptiste Redarne, who usurped the throne for himself for three decades.

In 3544, Louis' son Emperor-in-exile Marcus II of Lourenne managed to win enough support within Cobura to seize the throne from the previously neglected Aleksandro Capelistino. His son Oscar succeeded him in 3559, and with the help of the new Demitrei Kingdom of Cobura, retook the Lourennais throne from the usurper Jean-Baptiste.

In 3570, Zardugal invaded Cobura and deposed Oscar.



Name Monarch from Monarch until

Relationship with Predecessor

Joseph I 3352 3364 N/A
Thomas I* 3364 3380 Son
Joseph II**

3380 (de jure)

3400 (de facto)

3404 Son
Oscar I 3404 3410 Son
Thomas II 3410 3414 Son
Marcus I**

3414 (de jure)

3418 (de facto)

3425 Uncle
Louis I* 3425 3455 Son
Joseph III* 3455 3473 Son
Oscar II* 3473 3476 Brother
Thomas III* 3476 3483 First Cousin (also son-in-law)
Joseph IV** 3483 (de jure)

3488 (de facto)

3503 Son
Louis II 3503 3531 Son
Marcus II* 3531 3559 Son
Oscar III**

3559 (de jure)

3562 (de facto)

3575 Son
Joseph V 3575 3621 Son
Thomas IV 3621 3632 Son
Louis III**

3632 (de jure)

3654 (de facto)

3675 Son
Oscar IV 3675 Incumbent Cousin

The heir-apparent to the throne of Lourenne is His Imperial Highness Prince Joseph-Lucien, Duke of Joviant, who has declared that upon his ascension, he intends to reign as Emperor Joseph VI.


Name Monarch from Monarch until

Relationship with Predecessor

Philippe I 3462 3474 N/A***
Marcus 3474 3495 Son
Philippe II 3495 3521 Son
Paul I 3521 3548 Son
Philippe III 3548 3569 Son
Paul II 3569 3594 Son
Jean I 3594 3613 Son
François-Napoléon 3613 3638 Son
Jean II





Guillaume 3673




Name Monarch from Monarch until

Relationship with Predecessor

Thomas 3511 3540


Francis* 3540 3577 Son

(*) indicates monarchs who were in exile for the entirety of their reign.

(**) indicates monarchs who were in exile only for part of their reign.

(***)Philippe I was a great-grandson in the male line of Emperor Joseph II and a cousin of Emperor-in-exile Joseph III.

(****)Thomas was a grandson of Emperor Joseph IV and a nephew of Emperor Louis II.

Succession to Telamon after FrancisEdit

King-in-exile Francis of Telamon has never married and therefore has no legitimate children. In addition, Francis was the only child of King Thomas, who failed to establish a clear succession law before his overthrow and death in 3540.

In 3546, Francis proclaimed his illegitimate son Marcus De Valeria as his heir and granted him the title Prince of Valeria, the same title Francis himself had held as heir-apparent. This received a backlash in Demitrei circles, and some Demitreists retaliated by claiming that Francis' cousin and closest legitimate living male relative, Prince Peter-Taule of Oscandir and Louives, was the rightful heir to the Tela throne.

However, Prince Peter-Taule denounced this claim, declaring that while a Parliament of Telamon may elect a new king, only a descendant of King Thomas could legitimately claim his throne in exile. He further declared that should his cousin Francis die before him, he would not claim the throne.

As Head of the House of Demitreus, Emperor-in-exile Marcus II eventually brokered a compromise between the two sides. After Francis, the House of Demitreus would recognise no official pretender to the throne of Telamon. Marcus De Valeria and his heirs would be entitled to the title of 'Prince of Valeria' and its corresponding diginity, but unlike his father, not the title or dignity of a King. Furthermore, Marcus and his heirs would not be considered members of the House of Demitreus, but rather of a new house, the House of Valeria.

In 3634, Thomas De Valeria, Head of the House of Valeria, was crowned King of Endralon by Tela settlers there, who also granted him the honorary title Rightful King of all the Tela.


Name Monarch from Monarch until

Relationship with Predecessor

Marcus (Marcus II of Lourenne) 3544 3559


Oscar (Oscar III of Lourenne) 3559 3570 Son

Oscar continued to style himself King of Cobura and Etnestro of All Augustans until his death in 3575. His son Emperor Joseph, born in Cobura, altered the style to Rightful King of Cobura upon his accession to the throne of Lourenne, but was forced to abandon the title in 3577 as part of a larger programme of constitutional reform.


  • Rildanor
Dem rildanor

Rildanor Line of Succession

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