House of Maraton
Founding 3400
Founder Antoine Maraton
Head of House
  • Basileus-in-exile Alexios I
  • Basileus of Kalopia
  • Duke of Carolleux
  • Duke of Luçande
Ancestral House

The House of Maraton is the reigning family of Kalopia.


Antoine Maraton was born in 3368. As a student, he was persecuted by the fascist regime that then ruled Lourenne, and he fled the country in 3388 (ironically, the fascists would be toppled by liberal republicans just a year later). While in exile, he met Joseph Demitreus Jr., the grandson of Emperor Joseph I, who sought to retake his grandfather's throne. Maraton joined up at once.

In 3400, they succeeded and Joseph was crowned Emperor Joseph II of Lourenne. To reward Antoine's service, the new Emperor granted him the hand of his daughter Eve, and created them Duke and Duchess of Carolleux.

Over the course of many years, the family lost their original Dukedom, but gained that of Luçande. They also provided considerable funding and resources to a militia of Kalopians determined to retake their country from efforts by the Wantuni minority to force Kalopians out. The militia became known as the Maratonist Brigade.

In 3579, after a long struggle, the Maratonist Brigade defeated the Wantuni state and liberated Helios, the capital of Kalopia. In thanks to their patron, they offered John-Paul Maraton, the head of the House of Maraton and Duke of Luçande, the throne of Kalopia. He accepted and was crowned as Basileus Ioannes I the next year.



Name Monarch from Monarch until

Relationship with Predecessor

Ioannes I 3580 3593 N/A
Karolos I 3593 3614 Son
Ioannes II 3614 3628 Son
Alexios I 3642 3653 Son
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