House of Orange-Villayn

Orange-Villayn Coat of Arms

  • 1607-Agathionian Dynasty

(First Orange)

  • 2501- Orange Dynasty

(Second Orange)

  • Aldurian
  • Luthori
Religion Lutheran
Family Colors
  • Imperial orange - Imperial Orange
  • Gold Box - Gold
Cadet Lines

Past Emperors:

William V of Luthori; II of Alduria; etc...

Titles: Emperor of the Holy Luthori Empire, Emperor of Alduria, Emperor-in-Exile of Mordusia, etc...

Born: 3131

Died: 3241 (age 110)

Claim: nephew to the late Emperor Siegmund II

Father: Prince Gustavus of Liore


Philip III of Luthori & Alduria; etc...

Born: 3241

Died: 3344 (age 103)

Pre-Reginal Name: Philippe d'Orange-Villayn

Previously: Viceroy of Alduria

Wife: Empress Noelle (d'Orleans-Vasser et Villiers)

Father: Gustave d'Orange-Villayn, Prince of Orange

Mother: Juliette, Comtesse de Bendiri (daughter of the Duke)

Claim: grandson of Emperor William V


Gustavus III of Luthori & Alduria; etc...

Born: 3291

Died: 3392 (age 101)

Previously: President of Alduria

Relation: first son of Emperor Philip III

Mother: Dowager Empress Noelle (Orleans-Vasser)

Wife: Empress Sophia (von Rothringen-Traugott)


Maximillian V of Luthori & Alduria; etc...

Born: 3334

Died: 3435 (age 101)

Father: Emperor Gustavus III

Mother: Archduchess Sophia (von Rothingen-Traugott)

Wife: (the late) Queen Charlotte of Hutori (Empress-Consort)


Emperor Henry III of Luthori & Alduria; etc...

Born: 3411

Died: 3504 (age 95)

Father: Prince-Consort Maximillian d'Orange-Villayn

Mother: The Late Queen, Charlotte of Hutori

Sister: Queen Helen of Hutori, mother of Queen Sarah

Former Title: Prince of Hutori

Wife: Princess Evelia d'Orleans-Vasser et Villiers (sister of Emperor Philippe of Canrille)


Emperor Philip IV of Luthori & Alduria* and II of Mordusia,* &etc.

Born: 3441

Died: 3539 (age 109)

Father: Emperor Henry III

Mother: Evelia d'Orleans-Vasser et Villiers

Consort: HRH Princess Elizbete von Rothringen-Ludwig, Duchess Lirath


HIM Emperor Henry IV of Luthori & Alduria and of Mordusia, &etc.

Born: 3478

Died: 3589 (age 111)

Father: HIM Emperor Philip IV

Mother: HRH Princess Elizbete von Rothringen-Ludwig, Duchess Lirath

Consort: Princess Luise of Dorvik


HIM Emperor Philip V

Born: 3528

Died: Present

Father: Henri d'Orange-Villayn

Mother: HRH Princess Luise of Dorvik

Consort: Empress Grace (Hightower)

Current Head of House:

None: house has changed to Verrell-Hutori, Members have all died out leaving the illegitimate child Henry IV the Monarch.

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