House of Orléans-Vasser- DeChambeau
Maison d'Orléans-Vasser-DeChambeau
Country Lourenne.Flag Lourenne
Ethnicity Canrillaise
Founded 4427
Founder Landry DeChambeau
Current head King Philippe I
Primary titles Monarch of Lourenne
Religion Aurorian

The House of Orléans-Vasser-DeChambeau was founded in 4427 when the Lourennais Republic was constitutionally removed in favor of a parliamentary, constitutional monarchy. The monarchy proposed by the Lourennais Royal Assembly included two of the most powerful families in Lourenne being in power. The Houses at that time were the House of Orléans and the House of DeChambeau. Both Houses were united when Isabelle Orléans and Landry DeChambeau were married through the Aurorian Patriarchal Church. Recently Francois Vasser was married into the family. The new king, Philippe, is now the presumptive and recognised heir of Lourenne and Canrille The once presidential palace in Lac des Lumières was turned into the Royal Residency also know as the Palais des Lumières.