House of Syldavia
Country Endralon
Title King of Endralon
Current head None
Founding 1718

The House of Syldavia or Syldavian dynasty and sometimes referred to as the House of Endralon, is a prominent Artanian royal house of Endralonian origin that rules the Kingdom of Endralon.

The Syldavian family rose to power in the wake of the toppling of the Fortenohfiv dynasty and the subsequent Endralon Civil War, which left the House of Fortenohfiv extirpated.

The monarchy was abolished and restored several times in the 3300's until it was restored in the late 3900's. Later it was abolished in 4210.

The monarchy was briefly restored in 4221 during a coup attempted by Endralonians Nacionalista Unió in which Muskar II.


Kropow Castle, the family seat of the House of Syldavia

The House of Syldavia emerged in what is now called Zergon district. The name Syldavia derives from Zyldav, the historical name of that region. Early members of the family rose to some prominence as merchants, conducting trade throughout Artania, especially within the locale of Kundrati, Kirlawa and Dundorf. Despite the presence of some Syldavians in local government institutions, they were still less notable than other outstanding families of the period.

Over a considerable period of time, the house expanded from their home region to dominate a sizeable portion of Endralon. The Syldavian's growth and survival over the centuries was not based on spectacular conquests, but on gradual territorial expansion through marriage and methodical and often manipulative political acquisitions.

Rise to power

Ottokar Syldavia was able to establish himself as a candidate not only of the traditional Syldavian supporters, but of discontented supporters of the rival House of Fortenohfiv, and secured the throne in battle, becoming Ottokar I.

Syldavian monarchs of Endralon

Name Image Reign Claim to the throne
Ottokar I
the Bold
August 2950 – January 2984 Descent from
Alindor III of Endralon
Ottokar II
the Just
January 2984 – October 3023 Son of the preceding
Ottokar III
the Gentle
October 3023 – April 3080 Son of the preceding
Muskar I
the Vain
April 3080 – October 3115 Son of the preceding
Ottokar IV
the Eloquent
October 3115 – 3118 Son of the preceding
Muskar II
the Red Reign
June 4221

Attempted Coup

Descent from
Ottokar IV of Endralon
Ottokar V
the Preserver
Title claimant, never ruled. Son of Preceding
Muskar III
Current title claimant Son of Preceding
Syldavia.png Kingdom of Endralon
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