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House of Victoria
Victoria 72.jpg
Head of House Constantinus II
Founded 2940
City Victoria, Auroria
Nation Selucia, Barmenia
Political Ideology Selucian Catholic
Political Position Centrist
Colors Maroon and Gold
Motto '"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"

Domus of Laurifer (The House of Victoria) was the Royal Family of Selucia and Barmenia.


The House was founded after the Selucian Patriarchal Cardinal Conor de Victoria established Selucia as a monarchy in 2940. He named his step-nephew, Constantinus I, the first modern Imperator of the nation. The House ruled by divine right guaranteed by the blessing of the Selucian Patriarchal Church. In 2951, pro-Selucian parties in Barmenia promoted Rebeca I as Queen. Rebeca I was the youngest daughter of Constantinus I.

Head of the Family[]

Selucian Imperator Constantinus I

Iohannes de Goldaria (Son of Constantinus I)

Julia de Sokeria (Daughter of Constantinus I)

Mihaela de Leona (Daughter of Constantinus I)

Alessandra de Parnumgrad (Daughter of Constantinus I)

Conor de Kabbasa (Son of Constantinus I)

Rebeca I de Augusta (Daughter of Constantinus I)

Selucian Line of Succession[]

Imperator Constantinus I is the current Monarch

1. Crown Prince Iohannes de Goldaria

2. Prince Conor de Kabbasa

Motus Patriciorum[]

When the House of Assedo asked the House of Victoria to join the party Motus Patriciorum, the House of Victoria first declined. Eventually they accepted the invitation two years later and the current Head of the House Victoria, Constantinus II, has accepted the name Aulus Victoria Flaccus as part of joining the party. Because the joined Motus Patriciorum, the party has begun to focus more on establishing a monarchy in Selucia.

Barmenian Line of Succession[]

Queen Rebeca I is the current Monarch

1. Constantinus I

2. Crown Prince Iohannes de Goldaria

3. Princess Julia de Sokeria

4. Princess Mihaela de Leona

5. Princess Alessandra de Parnumgrad

6. Prince Conor de Kabbasa