Haus von Wittelsbach
Head of Family [[]]
Founded 1267
Family Palace Treptow
Nation Dundorf
Political Ideology Royalist
Political Position Conservative
Colors Dark Red
Motto Für Gott und Beherrscht

The House von Wittelsbach had gained their title in 1267 from King Hans Otto III von Burchardinger, Prinz von Julstoch and König von Dundorfreich und Ichredön. The title was granted for service in war, specifically Gerhard Josep von Wittelsbach's performance in pacifying Gildark with the famed von Wittelsbach Knights.

After the disastrous Ikradonian Rebellion of 1275 the House von Burchardinger lost both the throne, when Hans Otto III died in battle against Ikradonous III, and the Prinzdom of Julstoch, which was granted by Eusebius I von Mahren to the von Wittelsbachs.

House von Wittelsbach briefly held the throne of Dundorf in the 1500s AD, though upon the death of "Gerhard I", Johannes Graf von Wittelsbach, a member of House von Duisberg was elected to the throne. By 1650 they had lost their status of Prince-Elector, and the von Klings took up Prinzdom of Julstoch, with the von Wittelsbachs maintaining rule of many un-connected holdings throughout Dundorf.

When the Nobility were stripped of Political Office during the civil war of the 1920s the von Wittelsbachs managed to maintain their land and fortune, but lost political power.

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