Welcome to the Particracy Wiki! If you have any questions you can ask here on the Particracy forum, you can join the Official PT Classic Discord and ask in the #Wiki channel. We ask that you please review the Partyicracy Wiki Manual of Style, the Manual of Style for Categories and the Manual of Style for Templates. We understand not everyone is a "Wiki expert" but we ask that you abide by these simple instructions and if you have any questions, we can help out!

Please note that you should use whats called "Classic Editor" or the "Source Editor" as it is called sometimes, if you do not use these the templates will not work.


See also: Tutorial and Hexadecimal colors

Step 1: Create and name page

The first step you have to take is to create your party page, these are often referred to as "Articles" on a wiki. You can do this on the Main Page on the top right hand corner (generally) where is says "Add New Page". When the box pops up to create a new article, you type in your page name. You type in your party name, please note that the party name MUST BE IN ENGLISH, not the relevant cultural language. We'll address that later.

If you find that your party name is taken or is a very common name "Conservative Party" or "Socialist Party" you should try to add the short name of your country (i.e. Luthori, Rutania, Badara, etc.). In the event that Conservative Party (Luthori) or Socialist Party (Rutania) is taken, you can add the year your party was founded in-game (i.e. Conservative Party (Luthori 4750), Socialist Party (Rutania 4750).

Step 2: Political party template

Now your page has been created and named! Congratulations! Now comes a very important step, adding a template and fleshing out your party page. In order to use the templates on the Particracy Wiki, you must use Source Editor (sometimes called Classic Editor) or else the templates will not work and the party page will break! In order to use Source Editor on the top of the top of the editor area to the left of "Cancel" you see a drop box with three lines, click that and select "Source Editor".

Another box will pop-up this is where you can edit your party and include the following template: Template:Infobox political party. In order to use this template please copy and paste what is on the page underneath "Usage" starting from {{Infobox political party everything in between and ending with }}. You can now fill out this template with the relevant information.

Step 3: Page information

You've filled out the template in Source Editor, you've now got to flesh out your party page! You can edit your party page (but not the template) in whats called "Visual Editor" that is the normal wiki editor.

Step 4: Categories

For your party page, when you fill out the section that says "State" it will automatically add your page to the following category, which should generally be the only category you add to your party page and that is: Political parties in (state) which will be the short name (i.e. Rutania, Luthori, Kazulia) of your country.


Please see the Test Party page for an example!

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