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Area 239,100 square kilometer
Population 19,863,837 people

Hugalon (officially the Republican Canton of Hugalon) is one of the five regions of the Directorial Republic of Endralon.


Efínia is in the Artanian Land, the southern geographical region of the state, so there is dry summers and wet winters in this canton. Efínia is a lowland with lesser hills. There is two metropolises here, one in the south, in the ports, the city of Jamazmaj. This city is under building, because this was a historical type district capital. The another metropolis is Hugamest, the capital city of the whole state. This built in the 47th century. This is the country's important political-cultural-economical centre. There is two other towns, the neighbor-city of Hugamest, Homokváros; and the transport hub called Krokar Polje.


Main article: History of Endralon

Before the 6th century BCE, the current Hugalon was uninhabited. During the First Endralonese Principality and the rule of Levente, the Finisher refugee zergonese tribes escaped to here. Later Levente went after their and destroyed their villages and farms. They became the part of the First Principality in the end of the 6th century BCE.

Once more Hugalon became independent during the Interregnum. In this time the Holy Protectorate of Jamazmaj (syldavian: Szent Jamazmaj-i Protektorátus) and the Hugamest of the Holy Crown (syldavian: Szentkorona Hugamestje) ruled the land. The Protectorate was enlightened, the another city-state however stayed still loyal to the House of Enjou. There was a war without fight between this two city-states; the violent avoided because the diplomacy of the Protector of the Interregnum, Rákóczi Alajos, who was the leader of Endralon during the Interregnum.



The official, popular colors of Hugalon is the black-red-blue. The black represents the nihilism against the fake morals and virtues. The red represents the blood for the native land. The blue represents the Dáma, what one of the two the main rivers of Endralon, furthermore what in the area of Hugalon. Above the colors, there is a blazon in the flag of Hugalon. This blazon is a mix of the ancient Conquest Tribe's flag and the lilies of the House of Enjou.

Internal conflict[]

There is an internal conflict in this land between the citizens of the City-Land and the citizens of the Country. The contrast is very high. The metropolises's citizens is mostly more uninhibited than the moral villagers, farmers. Many aggression and violent's cause is this contrary. Already happened, that villagers from Kékeshalom village beaten to death a teenager male from Hugamest because he swore. As an answer, an antifa-group also from Hugamest went to the village and burned the local temple. The Police arrested the villagers and the members of the antifa, too.



  • Citadel (downtown)
  • Building of the Canton Directorate of Hugalon (downtown)
  • Glory Promenade (downtown)
  • Red Pub (suburbs)
  • Veteran Hospital of Hugamest (downtown)
  • Enjou's Museum (downtown)
  • Rákóczi's Arc de Triomphe (downtown)
  • Office of the Grand Directors (downtown)
  • Casino of Nobles (downtown)
  • Great Factory of Schwarz (suburbs)
  • Factory Internationale (suburbs)
  • Buffet Espirit Libre (suburbs)
  • Nagyházi Pál Republican Airport (suburbs)


  • Sport Port (ports, coastline)
  • Salon of Légér (downtown)

Krokar Polje[]

  • Border Crossing Centre (suburbs)
  • Kundrati-Endralon Borders (suburbs)


  • Battle of Homokváros Museum (suburbs)
  • Socialist Cafe (downtown)