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Administrative status
Mayor Balog Jolán
Founded Middle ages
Population 8,569,330
Region Hugalon
Nation Endralon

Hugamest (officially the Republican Capital) is an endralonese metropolis, canton capital of Hugalon and the capital city of the Directorial Republic of Endralon.

About the City[]

The Citadel[]

The Citadel and the Field of Choice

In the middle of the metropolis's downtown there is the seat of the Republican Senate and the President of the Directorial Republic, the Citadel. The Citadel is a 300 meter high skyscraper with several rooms and offices. The President live in the highest rooms, in a luxury apartment, but not every President use this. In the third floor, there is the room of the Senate, the legislative assembly of Endralon. The Senators also live in here, in the middle floors. Because of it, the Republican Guard strictly guarded the building. In front of the Citadel, there is a lake and a park for citizens. This is the Field of Choice. In this park there is a lot hustings between the citizens of the metropolis and the leaders of the metropolis.

The Statue of Endrődi[]

The statue of Endrődi

In the exact middle of the metropolis there is the statue of the republican poet, rebel, soldier and martyr and endralonese national hero, Endrődi Sándor. In every year, the members of the Directorate, the Grand Directors and Supreme Chairman wreathed this statue as the symbol of respect to the heroes of the Republic. Furthermore Endrődi was the mastermind behind the endralonese directorial system, so this is also a liked place for the supporters of the status quo.

The Red Pub []

The Red Pub is the traditionally rvz of the left-wing poets, authors, politicians and philosophers. This is the largest pub in Hugamest with a two square kilometres area. There is two part of the pub: the Central Pub what have a five hundred square metres area. This part of the pub is for the apolitical youths, apolitical celebrations. The Theater with Red Curtain what have a one thousand and five hundred square metres is the true centre of the the left intelligentsia with a theater, a coffee shop, some offices and could list.

Casino of Nobles[]

The Casino of Nobles was the centre of the reactionary before the Republic. Now, this place is the place of the upper class. However the local government of the Republican Capital abolished that rule what declared that poor people, peasant or worker don't entered to this building. Some poorer people became richer in this place thanks for gambling, but the tendency is contrary with this. This is still the place of the rich and privileged people.

Rákóczi's Arc de Triomphe

Glory Promenade[]

The Glory Promenade is the oldest street of the city what built in the middle ages. It leads from the Field of Choice to the building of the Office of the Grand Directors. This is the most visited tourist place of the metropolis.

Rákóczi's Arc de Triomphe[]

This one is the oldest Arc de Triomphe of Endralon what built in the middle ages, during the Interregnum of Endralon when Rákóczi Alajos as Protector of the Interregnum settled the conflict between the Holy Protectorate of Jamazmaj and the Hugamest of the Holy Crown and he successfully avoided the war between this two city-state. So, this Arc de Triomphe represent the triumph of peace.


District's name Part Population Lions
I. District or Acropolis Downtown 856 933
  • Field of Choice
  • Citadel
  • Statue of Endrődi
II. District or Greenland Downtown 856 933
  • Glory Promenade
  • Office of the Grand Directors
III. District or Want Street Downtown 856 933
  • Casino of Nobles
  • 3M Skyscraper
  • Building of the Canton Directorate of Hugalon
IV. District or Jacobin' City Downtown 856 933
  • Museum of Enjous
  • The Red Pub
V. District or St. Elyon Quarter Suburbs 856 933
  • Veteran Hospital of Hugamest
VI. District or Nook-Horse Suburbs 856 933
  • Buffet Espirit Libre
  • Nagyházi Pál Republican Airport
VII. District or Ville-de-Canrillaise Suburbs 856 933 No lions, first district of canrillaise minority
VIII. District or Ville-de-Républicain Suburbs 856 933 No lions, second district of canrillaise minority
IX. District or Free-Poor Suburbs 856 933
  • Factory Internationale
X. District or Border of Lindet Suburbs 856 933
  • Great Factory of Schwarz