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Flag of Hultria.png
General Information
Nation Hulstria and Gao-Soto
Capital Kien
Population 106,890,816
Area 111,000 km²
Population Density 653.25 people / km²
Political Information
Seats in the Diet 600
Leading Party Partei des Kaiserreich
Leader(s): Kaiserine Sophie l & Kaiser Charles l
King and Queen.jpg
Constitution: Constitution of the Kaiserreich
This article concerns the Crownland known as Hulstria. For the country commonly known as Hulstria, see Hulstria and Gao-Soto. For other similarly-named articles, see Hulstria (disambiguation).

Hulstria, officially the Crownland of Hulstria, is the smallest of the Crownlands of Hulstria and Gao-Soto, however it serves a major political role being home to the Hulstrian Imperial Family, the Imperial Diet, and other important institutions. The Crownland additionally serves as a hotbed for cultural activity and architecture The Crownland of Hulstria. The Crownland is also called the "Mother of Governor-Generals", since 12 Governor-Generals, the highest rate in the nation, were born here. It is usually referred to as Crownland Hulstria to distinguish it from the eponymous empire.

It is legendary for its mountainous terrain and its year round snow, as well for being incredibly liberal in a nation that is very conservtive. Within Hulstria is the Hulstrian capital city of Kien. Historically, Hulstria has been the core of the powerful Hulstrian Empire. Today Hulstria is a heavily industrialized area home to such companies as the Hulstrian Shipping International. Hulstria is known for its rich mineral deposits, tourist attraction, and furniture.


Crownland Hulstria has a highly mountainous geography, being located in the northern part of the Schnee-Berge Mountains. A large defensible valley (the Kiennese Plain) cross-cut by the upper stream of the river Phönix, a tributary of the Buden river, houses its main urban area, which contains the capital of Kien and Phönix, connected to the royal family. The economy of Hulstria is primarily service-based, although the city of Luthur contains a lot of its industrial heritage.

Politics & Governemnt[]

The Region of Hulstria is notoriously left-leaning and liberal, despite its historical ties to the long-standing conservative Kaiserliche Hulsterreichische Partei, and today in modern times, the KHP still holds considerable influence in the region, especially among the traditional aristocratic circles. Voters in this Crownland usually go for statist and unitarist parties, resulting in several times where socialist parties loyal to the monarchy enjoy streaks of power. Other parties like the Fascist Authority Party enjoyed local power in their day, especially in the conservative city of Pfathzburg.

In post-Septembrist Hulstria and Gao-Soto, the Crownland proved notoriously hard for the right-wing coalition of HDV and AF to get a hold on, being under continuous SDAP and later VB rule. The Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund, though strong in some of the more rural areas (with absolute control over some of the Gemeinderaten), is especially weak in Hulstria, and until 3434 saw the election of Carine Schalle to the Wahlkreis of Kien Altstadt won none of its districts. The dominance of the republican-oriented SDAP and VB, despite the Crownlands' somewhat monarchist population, has sparked some worries in monarchists across the Crownlands.

Major Cities[]

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