Hulstrian Civil War
Hulstrian Civil War
(From Top Left To Bottom Right) Volksarmee Soldiers On Road To Marbruck, Hutori Leopard 2H6E Tank In Ostland, Hulstrian Reichswehr Artillery Return Fire During Operation Resolute, Istalian Cruisers Launch Cruise Missiles, Mitranian members of the Reichsbürgerwehr, Class C Citizens Executed In Retaliation For Malivian Airstrikes, Karstadt
Date 7th September 4304 - 12th October 4317
Location Imperial Crownlands Of Hulstria
Status ended
Volksstaat BannerPeople's State Of Hulstria

Supported By:

Hulstrian Phoenix FlagImperial Crownlands of Hulstria

OstlandRepublicGrand Duchy of Ostland

UnityflagUnited Imperial Crownlands of Hulstria and Gao-Soto

OstlandFlagNewIndependent Crownland Of Ostland

Supported by:

Volksstaat BannerComrade X Hulstrian Phoenix FlagLeopold Nimitz

Hulstrian Phoenix FlagGeneral Reinhard von Thaller

Hulstrian Phoenix FlagGeneral von Kleug

UnityflagGovernor-General Hubert Michels

RBWSealCommandant Viktor Gubler

15,000 80,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
1720 2500 270

The Hulstrian Civil War, known to Septembrists as the Second September Revolution and to Communists as the People's War For The Liberation Of The Workers Of Hulstria And Gao-Soto, was a civil conflict occuring in the Imperial Crownlands of Hulstria, between supporters of the ruling Hulstrian Party, and rival Communist and Septembrist factions, with each declaring themselves the legitimate government of the nation. The rebels were supported by an international coalition of forces mandated by the World Congress after the Hulstrian regime was shown to have perpetrated genocide on Gao-Showan people in Ostland under the guise of dealing with the Wolfsheim Plague.

In Ostland, the war resulted in the removal of the military dictatorship, the end of apartheid and the genesis of a new constitutional order under the auspices of the Septembrist Crownland Congress.

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